Thursday, 10 May 2012

Still Dancing...30 years on

The quintessential 80's album "Rio" is 30 today. Wow. Could it be? Where does the time go? Its mind boggling really. I was a mere 10 years old when Rio came out in May of 1982, one month shy of my 11th birthday and another 4 months before I would even know who Duran Duran even were. So much life ahead of me. So many things to learn and know. In retrospect, it's all amazing.

Rio was (and still is) a fantastic Duran album. It really set a new standard for the 80's sound as well as videos. It proved you could have style, class and look damn fine in a suit but still have a flash of guyliner flair about you. Whimsical and romantic Duran Duran stormed the world. And who were we to resist?

Duran managed to seamlessly interweave the funk of disco,  the glam of glam rock, and as well they tossed in a bit of punk-esque aire into the mix. Unique and extraordinary was the final product known as Duran Duran.  They bred a new era...they were and are the New Romantics.

Not all Duran albums were made equal (and they seldom ever are) Rio is probably one of the best albums Duran has ever produced, however their most recent "All you need is now" is a brilliant album in it's own right. Proving yet again why Duran Duran is king at what they do.

Happy Birthday Rio. May there be many more years of "dancing on the sand" with you and the "Band designed to make you party".

One Last Glimpse,


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