Friday, 11 May 2012

Oh really? Ya!

So, I had to laugh when they announced the two dates here in Ontario. I figured that there would be a date in Ontario, although I didn't expect it to be the Air Canada Center again in all honesty. I had thought/hoped perhaps it might either be The Molson Amphitheater (always a great place for a concert in my opinion) in Toronto or Copps Colosseum in Hamilton (both locations Duran Duran have played in the past if memory serves) or perhaps maybe even (dare to dream) here in London at the John Labatt Center. Although having said that, I'm a little vexed there has been no west coast, mid province or east coast dates mentioned. There rightfully should be as they were missed the first time around.

But then they announced it would be in Orillia. Orillia? Seriously?? For not just one show but...TWO? REALLY?? In ORILLIA?? Orillia is a small (30,000ish) population community about an hour and a half north of Toronto. It's fairly small and pretty rural. You may as well slap a pair of jean coveralls on Nick Rhodes with a straw hat, some hip waders and set him on top of a John Deere tractor because honestly folks...unless they're going to gamble for two days at the casino where they're playing, that may just be the most excitement and entertainment they'll see. It's heavy duty farming, cottage, and camping country up there...and I no more see Nick on a tractor than I do camping in a tent. Although both would be hilariously amusing.

@Barbarella_5 suggested perhaps John will be spotted strolling the isles of the local Walmart which made me seriously scream with laughter while at work this evening. Can you IMAGINE??

All I can suggest to you boys...bring a book or two. If you're lucky, they may have heard of that new fangled thing called the "interwebs" by the time you get up there. OH and bring a can of "Off" mosquito spray - yer gonna need it!

One Last Glimpse,


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