Sunday, 20 May 2012

Randomness from the mind of a Glamazon

It's Sunday, May 20th 2012...I am at work and for reasons only known to Gods and Muses I am feeling fantastic. I certainly slept no better or worse than any other night although I know I did sleep very deeply. I have zero recollection of dreams, although I am aware of the fact that I did dream. I have the recollection of dreaming, but not of what the dreams were about. Perhaps my mood is because I know come the end of this shift I won't be in until Thursday. Three whole glorious, blissful days off. Spectacular.

My birthday is rapidly approaching and like always, I welcome it. I know a lot of women my age always have this impending doom when it comes to their birthday. Not me. I LOVE it when it's my birthday. I always have. In 15 days on June 5th I will be 41 and Alan (my hubby) will be 43. We share the same birthday, which I always thought was so very cool. He always tells people I was his 2nd birthday gift that he had to wait sixteen years to get. I adore my husband. Last year he gave me the best birthday ever. Between my party, and his amazing gift of my four stringed goddess (my bass guitar)...I was completely gobsmacked and blown away. By everyone really...I couldn't believe it. People I have known almost all my life...people I thought I knew inside and one past me! ME!!! Buggers. I love them all.

Next weekend (Sunday) would have been my nephew Brad's 17th birthday. We've been invited over to my sister in law Megan's house to get together. She wants to go out to the crash site and release balloons. I've not been out there. In fact, I've avoided it like the plague. I went out to visit my friend Nat's mother with her a few months ago and asked if we could take an alternate route. She complied understanding completely. I wasn't ready to drive past there, I don't know that I'm ready even now, but I've got to go. For Megan, for Brad and for myself.

One Last Glimpse.

RIP Robin Gibb :(

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