Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bright Lights, Big City

I'm in Toronto this week with my sister in law. She's here on business, and as luck would have it she was permitted (on the company's dime) to bring a +1. All I needed was to get here, and pay for my food. I love Toronto. I suspect it's on par with the same affair anyone who goes to New York City and falls in love with the Big Apple has (I've yet to go to New York City, so I can only assume).

My youngest sister in law and I (Mary) and I are close. We've always been close, in spite of the fact that there's an 11 years difference between us. We have a good relationship (always have) and I love her to bits (even though she's reading this over my shoulder as I type it and that drives me completely bonkers)...But I digress.

I arrived yesterday, she arrived Tuesday night (I had to work). When I arrived yesterday she was already at her convention for work. I, was left to my own devices. No. I did not jump on the bed. (Mary put the kibosh on that - personally I think she wanted that fun for herself). I hung out, wrote a little bit and watched a movie until she got back. Mary had told me that the bed was "small". I was concerns. I've tried to fit two people in a double bed. So when she said it was small I sort of had a panic. It's not, thankfully it's a queen... Mary has a king sized bed so her perception of "small" is a bit skewed. HA!

Last night was spent having a lovely dinner at a chain called "Jack Astor's" we have them at home so we knew what to expect. It was lovely. Great time. Tonight we're looking to go to a place (I think) called The Pickle Barrel. Should also be fun.

I'm sure you're wondering dear reader, if I'm ever going to get to the 'point' of it all. Indeed dear hearts, indeed. Fast forward to today. I'm feeling a little 'meh'. I'm missing my hubby. Missing home. And it's been bloody ass cold. For those of you who don't know Yonge Street (the main street I look out on) is pretty much like a tunnel that leads towards the lake in one direction and in land in the other. It's been windy, and cold. When it comes up off the lake, it's like a shot up the tunnel. And I of course, in my infinite wisdom forgot a sweater.

Our kitchenette
I'm in the hotel this afternoon Facebooking and honestly getting wrapped up in the San Fransisco Giants/ Cincinnati Reds baseball game. Mary comes in from her convention on a 2 hour break and during that time the maid service comes in to tidy the room. I had sat the little bathroom glasses on the "kitchen" counter after we had used them (I had gotten lipstick on the lip of one of them). I expected the housekeeper (a spry Jamacian woman who continually softly sang to herself while cleaning) to take the glasses and leave new ones. What she did next, absolutely blew my effing mind and put Mary and I into near hysterics the moment the door was closed.

She informed us that there were other glasses in the cupboard, put the TWO SINGLE GLASSES into the dishwasher and fired it up. WITH ONLY TWO GLASSES INSIDE. Now, I'm no environmentalist...but even I know better than to do something as balls out redonkulous as that! What a huge waste of water.What is funnily ironic about it all is that in the bathroom there is a 'help us save water' sign in regards to reusing the towels (If you want to do so just hang them up, if you want fresh towels - toss them on the floor). Mary and I dutifully hung our towels up. Which she replaced as well.

The sign that hangs in the bathroom
So what is the point of all of this hotel literature of "save the water, save the environment" if you're only going to do something as ridiculous as that? The world may never know. Even though there was a sink there with a bottle of dishwasher soap underneath, why she'd choose to start a dishwasher with only two glasses inside is beyond me.

This trip has been fun. We haven't done a whole hell of a lot, but we've spent time together and had some laughs together. Which to me is more important than going out and spending a whole bunch of money doing things (okay that would be fun too!). I'm thrilled I came to spend a couple days with Mary here in the big city. Although I must admit, I'll be glad to go home tomorrow to my own bed and my beloved hubby.

Mary-Cat...nothing but trouble

 One Last Glimpse,


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