Thursday, 18 October 2012

Remembering to breathe

What would you do if you knew you were going to meet your idol? Not (just) your superstar crush (Putting the looks aside for a moment). But your idol. The reason you wanted to (in my case) pick up a bass and learn how to play. The reason you wanted to feel the thrum and the throb of the strings under your fingers. To learn to play the notes. His notes. The ones he himself had written. And make the same musical sounds he makes and has made for the last 30 years. For almost makes it hard to breathe just thinking about it.

I've met famous people before, but never someone that I've idolized and that changed my life in such a profound and significant sort of way. To me; this is and will be; very different. The "famous" part goes out of the equation entirely, and I'm only left with the fact that this guy is my idol.

On October 29th, 2012 my life will change forever. And that sounds melodramatic and oh so cliche. I know it does. I know it's not going to have as profound an impact on him as it does on me, but that's beside the point. The fact is...this isn't a "well you might get a chance to meet him"...this is a definite thing. And that thought scares the holy bajaysis crap out of me. What am I going to say? Will I be able to say anything? Let alone anything intelligent? What if I say something stupid?

And what am I going to wear??!!

It's a small and brief window of conversation, it's not going to be a huge time for conversation but during that's my time. My chance to say to him something that I want him to look back on after the signing and maybe think "hey...that girl made me take pause". Know what I mean? But I expect everyone wants that.

Every person I have spoken to have said how instantly at ease that he makes people feel. How sweet, kind and endearing he is. Of this, I have no doubt. That truly emanates from his personality.

I'm meeting up with some of my Duranie sisters whom I adore. Some I have met, others I have yet to meet face to face but am so very excited to meet them!!! My husband has agreed to drive and escort me on this sojourn (I think he just wants to make sure I come home and don't take off on some tour bus - as if! Okay well...maybe). The one thing I'm sad about is my partner in crime Rachel won't be there to take it all in and share it with me, but I know she'll be there in spirit and is so very thrilled and excited for me.

I know everything will be fine, I know it will be. I'll remember to breathe, I'll remember my name and his. I'll not scream like a little 14 year old fangirl, or cry and pee my pants with excitement. I won't leap across the table at him and throw him to the floor in the heat of the moment (Lest security escort me out). And all will be well. I just need to make it there and remember to keep breathing.

 One Last Glimpse,


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  1. Breathe, and say, "You are the reason I taught myself to play bass."

    Remember ... we'll all be there with you.