Saturday, 13 October 2012

Wud de feck?

I often have weird dreams. Dreams that make no sense whatsoever. It's just the way things are. Last night, was no different.

I was in attendence of some sort of "high society" type dinner. I'm not sure if it was some sort of awards dinner (ie. Oscars, Music Awards), or if It was for some Fashion magazine like Vogue or what. But in any event there I was. My husband as well as a few other friends that I went to high school with were there, seated at my table with me (Rachel, Jeff, Amber, Jancy and Trevis), My friends Jane, Hazel and Maya were there . For some reason (outside of my husband) I am astonished to see these people there, and they are equally as shocked to see me there. Nefer (Nick Rhodes' current girlfriend) comes over to me in a fury saying 'how dare I bring "them" with me'. I inform her that A) I didn't invite them - and I'm just as surprised as SHE, that they are there. and B) It wasn't HER party anyway so she needed to mind her own business. She left in a huff, Nick came over and appologizes for her behaviour and leaves the party with us.

Next thing I can recall I am standing with Nick (I have no idea where everyone else went to - Nick assures me we'll 'catch up with them'). We are in a house in a small (5x6) room discussing going to 'where we think the body is burried" (no idea WHOSE body -- been watching too much Criminal Minds! LOL) We get into an older black sedan style car (1980s Grand Marquis maybe?) and Nick (out of habit) has slipped into the left side of the car, only to find himself sitting behind the wheel of the car. After teasing him good naturedly and his expected/anticipated/joking response of "what self respecting country has their steering column on the LEFT side of a car?" With a large smirk on his face. We arrive at a rundown abandoned church where we think this body is buried.

As we are strolling through the ruins we see someone hiding in the shadows watching us. In fear they could harm us, we flee. We are convinced the person in the shadows is the person who put the body there - but don't know who it is.

We drive back to a large barn where everyone else is. Nick is now significantly younger in appearance although when I ask him about it he says "I haven't the foggiest idea about what you're talking about." With a wide grin. That is that, and there will be no more discussion about it is what I glean from his statement .

The last thing I remember is standing sidestage (apparently the inside of the barn is where some concert is being held - and has the internal appearance of an arena). Everyone is now in some sort of Halloween costume. Alan is dressed as Simon Le Bon (no idea where the REAL Simon Le Bon is), Maya, Jane, Hazel and Rachel are all dressed in ancient egyptian garb, Andy is there (young) dressed as a vampire, and I turn to Nick and John asking them if they are okay with Andy being there to play with them instead of Dom. John says yes - and gives me a big smile. Nick says "No, of course not. But it can't always be about what I want....Just most of the time." he adds smiling broadly. With that, we (much to my surprise) are ushered toward the stage. I can hear the screaming rising from those in the audience there to watch the show, I can feel the heat (no Power Station pun intended) and see the brightness of the spotlights. John quickly kisses my cheek; in a friendly manner; as he jogs past me in his ever famous 80's leathers with his red, gray and white top. His bass is strapped to him and he's ready to go. "For luck!" he winks over his shoulder. "Ready?" Nick asks me. Wide eyed I shake my head in protest. "You'll do fine..."he smiles leading me on stage.

And that's where I woke up. So I ask...Wud de feck?

One Last Glimpse,


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