Friday, 19 October 2012

Continuing saga of a Gas Bar Glamazon: A$$HOLES! Must be a day that ends in "y"

It's Friday. Gas is... cheap... relatively speaking of course. And as usual it's busy here. We're always busy, but today with the current price add in the fact that it's a weekend, it's worse. Not as bad as it could be...but its busy enough for the assholes to be out (like they need a reason). its fine though I'm off until Monday after this shift so it's "all good" as they say. At least...for me.

This woman come in to pay and she starts telling me about this guy who came up to her car window and pounded on it while she was waiting in line. For whatever reason she didn't pull around the person ahead of her to leap frog ahead to the vaccant spot. This gentleman (who was apparently annoyed she didn't do this) after banging on her window went back to his own car and moved into the empty spot squeeling tires and all. And yet even though she had waited, the woman still ended up finishing before he had.

As she's telling me this story, he comes in to pay for his gas and she says something to him about how it was unessassary it had been of him to come and pound on her window. She says this to him politely, not confrontational or anything.

This guy completely loses it and goes off the reservation on this woman. He goes on a tirade on this woman (I'd say she was probably between 63-68 and he 46-50). He called her every name in the book. At one point he even said to her "Shuddup you fuckin slut" (at this point my jaw hits the floor).

A younger woman (26ish) had come in to pay for her gas and went right rangy batshit before I could even open my mouth. She went up one side of this guy and down the other. Had I had a tub of popcorn I would have been all set. Front row seating for the drama! Never a dull moment around here.

One Last Glimpse,


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