Saturday, 4 February 2012

Check yer ego at the door

Back in the 80's, I loved Madonna. I did. She helped form fashion and music in the 1980's. But somewhere along the line around 1996 (after Erotica) she seemed to become on a massive downward slide.Some would disagree, some would say she's fantastic. Others would say she was never that great to begin with. But that's the magic of our own opinion. It's "our own opinion" and each person is entitled to it.

I think the things I dislike most about Madonna is her ego and her mouth. Especially as big as it is. For someone who really became irrelevant almost 10 years ago (again in my opinion), she still feels her voice should be above all others. Sorry Madge...that ship has sailed. She attempted to outwit Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globe Awards this year. And even though the network effectively neutered him, it just wasn't possible. In fact, it was painful to watch. She thought she was funny, and she just....wasn't.

I don't feel that she's a good actress, and while I haven't seen W.E, I can't speak on her directing skills However, I question that as well. But in my opinion only about 20% of a movie's believability is in the directing (which she did), the rest is up to the actors OR the costuming. But again...just my thoughts here people.

Andy Taylor and I were discussing it on Twitter this evening (Never thought I'd be saying THAT let me tell you!!). It all started innocently enough as most conversations do. He posted a link to his website with a blog entry entitled "Tone deaf Madonna". Several of us discussed how we couldn't understand how she could justify charging 300$ a ticket for not even front row (nor anywhere close), and yet for 250$ you could get front (2nd) row, PLUS a tshirt, poster and lanyard from Duran....who has ALWAYS sung live (Madonna -- not so much).

He then tweeted the following and our (brief) conversation began.

AT: Ive been absorbed in the studio so out of touch, hows here movie doing, the one about the hussie...

Me: She made a biopic??

AT: So not many Mage fans out tonight/morning whatever it is

Me: I'm not saying she wasn't iconic - she def had a hand in shaping 80s music and fashion. But omFUCK the ego has GOT to go.

AT: I thought she made a proper ass of herself tryin to outwit Ricky Gervais on the globes, thats where ego gets you...A bad joke.

Me: Absolutely! You can't fuck with the master. He's a riot...she...isn't.

I mean really? I dunno maybe this new album will just blow people out of the water. But truthfully, I don't think it will. Maybe I'm wrong. Who knows. Although I will say this much one of the other tweeters said something that resonated "If I want humility I'll go to U2. I don't expect that from her." And yes perhaps that's true, but even U2 has had their moments of "We're bigger than God" and have been taken down a peg or 4 in the past. Madge just doesn't seem to get it.

Do I plan on watching the Super Bowl on Sunday? Probably. But...unlike others who have performed. I DON'T think she'll sing live (my guess is she'll lip sync), and I certainly won't be watching it for her. This sounds like I have SUCH a hate on for Madonna...I don't. But really, no one should have an ego, or a chip on their shoulder THAT big when really...they're just not that relevant anymore. She NEEDS to learn some humility, or it will end up being her undoing. Although...I hasn't thus far.

One Last Glimpse,


Post Script:

Sunday, February 5th, 2012 - I have just watched the video for Madonna's "Give me all your luvin". I just have to know is there anyway to get that last 3minutes and 45seconds of my life back? Aside from the fact that I think she looked better than she has in YEARS in the video...the song was complete crap in my opinion. It was weak, weak, weak. I really truly went into it with an open heart and quite hopeful, but it just left me...flat and wishing I hadn't bothered.

One Last Glimpse 2.0


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