Saturday, 11 February 2012


Devotion is an interesting prospect or notion. The more desire or passion one gives to it's object of devotion, the more one gets in return. Or at least that's how it should be. It's not necessarily how it is, bit it's how it should be.

I am devoted to my job, devoted to my husband...devoted to my family and friends and the music that I am passionate about, and of course my writing. Writing this blog, writing my poetry, writing my novel. And then I wondered to myself, how much of it, is actually devoted to me in return? Can something that is inanimate; for example my writing; be devoted in return? I mean yes, family and friends can obviously be devoted and I'd like to think that they are. And those musicians that produce all that beloved music I so enjoy on a daily basis. Are they devoted to me? a sense yes. Otherwise they'd of stopped making music or wouldn't have started to begin with. They're moved, impassioned, inspired and devoted. Just as I am. At first I'm sure they were soul-y devoted to their music but by now I'd like to think they are to me (us) as well.

So if they are devoted to their music, and by proxy me as a fan, then the music must also be devoted to me even though it's technically an inanimate object. But is it really so inanimate? It has a beat, a pulse, a grove and a voice. It invokes an emotional reaction (no matter what it may be - happy, sad, angry, amused) so therefore it must equally be as devoted to me, in that moment as I am to it.

But each entity on each song hosts a different reaction. I certainly don't feel the same when I listen to every song equally. Nor would I want to experience the same emotion. I don't feel the same way when I listen to "Careless Memories" by Duran Duran that I do when I listen to "Choises" by Andy Taylor. Even  though Andy had a hand in writing "Careless Memories" it doesn't trigger the same response. Just as "The Chauffeur" (also by Duran) doesn't trigger the same emotional response as "Immortal" by John Taylor - even again though John had a hand in writing "The Chauffeur". They're different organically. Different entities. Completely. And I think that's what makes music so beautifully diverse.

Writing is the same for the same reasons. It takes you to another place, another time. It speaks in another voice even when that voice may be the same. It's different. It's diverse. It's devoted to it's own path. Whatever it may be.

So are writing and music actual entities that can have devotion to those who read or listen to them? I think so. It was writing with devotion and passion. It exudes it. And if it's gets it in return.

One Last Glimpse,


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