Monday, 13 February 2012

Snow Blind

I had this dream last was a little bizarre and more than a little amusing. I walked into this bistro. Small, quaint, white with a deep mustard yellow accents around the place, floor to ceiling windows. It's MY place. Everyone knows me. There are patrons around but I'm here to see someone specific, and I know exactly where they're sitting.

In the very back, on the right hand side of the bistro is a half wall. Behind the half wall is a small seating area. There's two Louis XIV chairs sat opposite each other and a settee in between with a glass top table. Along the back wall (facing the seating area) is a large dark oak and marble fireplace (there is ALWAYS a fire in the fireplace whenever I dream about this place), the wood is very detailed, very ornate (and very out of place for the rest of the bistro!). Sitting in his usual John. He's kind of slouched in the chair, right foot up on the table, right index finger on his temple, in his left hand is his Blackberry and he's reading something (I have no idea what - Twitter? News? Who knows).

I flop down on the chair opposite him and wait for him to look up. He smirks as I sit so I know he's aware that I've arrived and that I'm sitting there. I notice he's in his boots, a pair of blue jeans, and a tshirt (Punk Masters? - I'm not sure...likely). Finger still to his temple, still not looking at me, I kind of sigh and say to him "Alright Taylor...I'm here...What did you want?".

The next thing I know I'm outside. There is snow EVERYWHERE, I should be cold in what I'm wearing...but I'm not. Considering I get cold very easily, this is an interesting concept. The snow is at least two feet deep, and while we're standing in a cleared area, it's still a lot of snow. And it's VERY bright.

John is now standing about 10 feet from me and he's grinning. The kind of grin that's big, toothy and you know he's up to no good, he then proceeds to pelt me with a snowball. I go on this lengthy diatribe about how I'm not here for this and that I have better things to do and would he please kindly tell me exactly what the HELL I was there to see him for...I remember I said to him "Do you have anything you'd like to say to me???" as he just kept standing there with a big shit eating grin. His response? With the biggest, toothiest, mischievous grin ever: "Ya...throw...or duck" as he hits me with another snowball. IT. WAS. ON.

One Last Glimpse,