Thursday, 2 February 2012

33 1/3 :Defined by Vinyl: The quest for the absolute in LP collections

When I was a kid (5 or so I guess - after my parents divorced) I used to love on weekends when we'd go visit my Dad. Every Saturday morning we'd always start out with a little breakfast either at his place or at this little tiny hole in the wall restaurant around the corner from his apartment called "The Coffee Cup". It was one of those types of places that had maybe 6 actual tables and then a long diner "bar" with stools (10 maybe?). I loved that place. A true greasy spoon ya know?

After breakfast we'd go back to my Dad's grab his car, drive "uptown" (about 5 city blocks if that - literally a 5 or 10 minute walk) park the car and walk to our destination. "Sam the Record Man" on Christina Street. I loved that store. Not because my Dad would buy us something, I just loved the whole "vibe" of the place. We would each go our separate ways (my Dad, my sister and I) and flip through the albums. Sometimes my Dad would buy my sister and I a record (not always), OR alternatively if he didn't really have a specific record in mind he'd take suggestions as to what we'd like him to buy (Abba, Boney M. and The Bee Gees were the "go to" groups although Queen, The Eagles, Neil Diamond, and Barbra Streisand were king too).

It fascinated me how one could hear and be taken away to other times and places by a piece of plastic/vinyl. Moments in time forever trapped on these thin black disks. It still does. Amazing.

I think one of the first records I ever owned (that wasn't a Disney Read Along *CHIMES*) was either Donnie and Marie Osmond or Shawn Cassidy. (Both I actually still have). They were like pure gold to me. To place the needle on the record, hear those couple of clicks and the hiss before the music began was anticipation at it's best.

For those who are too young to remember it; or just can't quite get the appreciation for vinyl in its heyday; it is truly a lost gift. I don't think; even though it's slowly making a resurgence; it will ever be what it once was. And that's a shame. There's just something about it that is unlike any other.

About seven years ago I was in a store and saw that they had record players for sale. As my husband will attest, I went bananas. I was so excited to see one, and made it my goal to get one. Vinyl just truly always has been a passion. I love records. I love the tangibility of them, I love the artistry of them: the covers, the inserts. Some tell a story even before you get to the music itself. Each is different and unique and I like that.

My newest vinyl collection is growing, and what's best about it is that my husband loves collecting albums as much as I do. For the same reasons. We have amassed only 12 albums so far but each one is an equally exciting addition to our ever expanding collection. We each have an unwritten list of MUST HAVE'S that we are aiming to collect. Which is so very exciting. We always get excited for each other when we strike one off the list. It's just fun you know? This is what we have so far (Not of course counting Donnie and Marie or Shawn Cassidy...) in our ever growing collection. If you'll notice some of the "MUST HAVES" for me have been covered. But of course. It's not much...but it's mine...and it's a start.

Duran Duran:
Seven and the Ragged Tiger
All You Need is Now

So Red the Rose

David Bowie:
Let's Dance

Nik Kershaw:
The Riddle

Billy Idol:
Vital Idol

Dead or Alive:

Cheap Trick:
Dream Police


Def Leppard:

Yours in Vinyl,

One Last Glimpse,


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