Sunday, 24 March 2013

A letter to myself

Dear Me:

Just a few things really. You've been overly hard on yourself lately. Criticizing every little detail of your life, and as a result you've been kind of a bitch to you and yours. What's up with that? You need to chill there missy moo.

I realize you're disappointed that you're not a size two yet. BUT, and lets be honest here, without some plastic surgery (skin reduction, etc) you're never going to be a size two.  It's just the way of the world. You REALLY don't want to be a size two anyway, you've never been a size two, why start now? Aim your goal a little less lofty kiddo, you'll get there. Set it to little goals and obtain them that way so you're not so discouraged, then when you reach them you set the next set of goals and so forth.

You're trying to push your writing too. Don't do that, you know you won't be happy with it if you do that. It will be a huge waste of your time, so don't bother. It will come. And when it does, just let it flow.

You can't fix everything. This is a bad habit of yours that we've discussed before. Don't kill yourself trying to fix things that cannot be fixed. If they're meant to be fixed, if they're meant to work their shit out, they will. It's not your problem nor is it your fault. You cannot move mountains no matter how hard you try. Let it go and move on.

I don't let you know this as often as I should but, I AM PROUD OF YOU. You're a good person, a good wife, sister, Mother, Aunt , daughter and friend.

Try to remember that.

Love you,

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