Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Friends of Mine: A spotlight on kindness

Often, in this day and age of go, go, go we don't have time or don't care enough to help others. We often don't have time to think of anyone – outside of ourselves – nor do we want to. We all too often in this world are egocentric and self absorbed, it can be tiring and mundane as well as cruel, cold and callas. We put ourselves above others and don't bother to help those in need. This, is not one of those stories.

In this modern digital age of Faecbook, Twitter, Instagram, Blackberry (Crackberry), iPhones, texting, WhatsApp and Skype we have more ways to communicate than ever before. We can be in touch with friends and family and even an idol or celebrity, by the click of a button.

As those of you who have read this blog before, I am a proud Duranie. Through the mediums of Facebook and Twitter I have had the privilege and honour of communicating directly with my idols. But also along the way, I have met some pretty amazing people. People from all over the world who love Duran Duran as much as I, and through that, we (and they to each other) have become friends.

We communicate every day as any friend would, learn about families, friends, work and pets. We laugh over silly photographs and have on occasion been brought to tears by each other's generosity and senses of humor. We've traveled to meet one another, at shows, book signings and just to generally hang out. We smile when others are happy, and cry when others are sad. We are a community, a family.

A few months ago; one of my friends; Kristina, her Mother-in-Law came to Canada for an extended visit from Croatia. At 70, she speaks no English and was returning yesterday home, to Croatia – alone. In an unexpected twist, the weather threw it's own ideas into her return home and she is now delayed in Frankfurt, Germany. I cannot imagine being Kristina let alone her Mother-in-Law who was stranded in Frankfurt where she knew no one, and did not speak the language.

This is where this glorious thing called the Internet and an iconic band called Duran Duran come into play. My friend Kristina Rebic-Podvalej met; via the Internet and Duran Duran another friend of mine Nicole Unger. Kristina lives here in Canada, and Nicole in Germany. They have since met both at gigs and other places and have formed a friendship. We all met on-line and thanks; in part; to Duran Duran.

Nicole (who speaks Croatian), who I know has both been ill and as well had other plans this evening...braved the weather as well as highway closures and went to the airport to not only make sure Kristina's mother-in-law was okay, but also booked on another flight in the morning and had somewhere to sleep for the night. That, not only is a true friend, but a wonderful human being. Nicole went above and beyond anything a mere “Internet friend” would do. This is the sign of a decent human being, and someone who truly cares about her friends. These are the friendships I am proud to have forged over a commonality of an iconic band who not only have always made us feel like we are a big family, but that we are a big part of their family.

Thanks to one small gesture on Nicole's part, there are reassurances all around, a world away. These are the “Friends of Mine”. 

One Last Glimpse,


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