Monday, 18 March 2013

What's the big hairy deal?

I was reading an article on (Canada's answer to about how people are in a tizzy about how on the front page of the Globe and Mail is a photo of Kaetlyn Osmond in a less than "dainty" position. Okay, so it's a 'crotch shot' of her in the middle of her FIGURE SKATING routine with her leg up above her head.

Okay first of all, if I could get into that position, on skates, wearing that cute little red skater outfit (and look good in it) I would. And I wouldn't give a shit or not if you put my photo on the Globe and Mail, the London Free Press, The Toronto Star or the Kingston Whig Standard. Nor should she.

SHE'S FIGURE SKATING FOLKS. It's not like she's stumbled out of a limo half in the bag after downing a 40 of JD, after snorting half of Peru and shown her goodies. No. She's Figure Skating at the Worlds here in London in an exhibition skate and put her leg over her head, and someone snapped a photo. Really? Is this REALLY worth getting all spun up about? No. What's news worthy or what SHOULD be news worthy is how our country did. Not taking a less than flattering shot of a wonderful young lady, and plastering it out there. Come on G&M really out of all the photos you likely took, you choose that one? Classy.

She's wearing underwear and while it may be a less than 'lady like' position, it's certainly no big woopdeedo to be causing a fuss over.

Is not like you can see her showing her "Beaver" (a little Canadian humour). So what's the big hairy deal???

Good on ya Kaetlyn!


One Last Glimpse,


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