Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I can't stop myself it's a... New Religion

I'm not a religious person - as (if you are a regular reader - or if you know me at all) you well know. Spiritual, yes, okay... maybe. I'll accept that. Religious? Absolutely not.
And yet...
For some reason, this whole Papal (not to be confused with paypal) electoral goings on I find completely fascinating. Perhaps it's because it is done all in secrecy, or maybe it is because all the robes are such a bright and cheery red colour. In any event - I find the whole thing fantastic. It's only the second Papal election I can recall (I believe Pope John Paul II was elected before I was born - and if it was after I was born, I was far too young to recall it).
The entire ceremony is rich in pomp, circumstance, costumes and ceremony all it's missing is showtunes. And of course, ever the secrecy that intrigues me. It's much like the masons and their rights and rituals, I suspect the church would disagree with that fact, however I digress.
But I have questions... like -- what do they do? I mean yes they vote as to who the new Pope is going to be, but is it all done in Latin? Do they spend the entiiiiiiiiiire time discussing who would make a great Pope or do they take a break for a game of cards and to watch CNN? Is the affair catered? If so, do they have contact with the cater staff? Or is it left in a separate room and then when they're gone they go in and eat? Do they sleep in the Sistine Chapel? I'm not mocking this process or what it stands for btw, this is just how my mind works. These are the things I want to know.

The first vote has been cast - and we have black smoke. No new Pope yet. Maybe tomorrow.
One Last Glimpse,


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