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A brief interlude: Lulu

For your ongoing love and support...just a little short love story I did over the last couple of days.
xoxo ~K

He closed his eyes holding his face up to the warmth of the sun. He drew his long legs up to his chest and dug his elongated toes into the soft sand and sighed heavily. His mind drifted to her; of course; her stunning eyes and bright contagious smile. He absentmindedly traced his thumb to his lips where hers had been in an unexpected, passionate kiss not two hours prior.

He'd been shocked at first. Shocked by her kiss, but more over how good it had been, how great her mouth had felt on his, and how most importantly how it had made him feel. And it had made him feel completely electrified and alive. So what then, had he been such a fool and run?

It wasn't like he didn't know her at all. He'd known her almost all his life, as long as he could remember they'd been friends. Best friends. She knew his deepest darkest secrets and fears, and he knew where she'd 'buried all the bodies' as it were. So what was he so afraid of? Maybe it was that he didn't want to lose his best friend in all of this. Maybe he feared things would change so drastically that he wouldn't be able to confide in her the way he once had. But the only person he could think about rushing to tell about how GREAT the kiss he had experienced, was the one he had experienced the kiss with.

Again he sighed. Still thinking about her lips, her kiss, how soft it had been and how right it had felt. He was prolonging his own agony, as well as hers. He smiled softly shaking his head, coming to a stand he dusted his pale jeans off, grabbing his shoes and headed across the beach back to where he'd parked his Jeep.

He slid his long frame into the drivers seat and slid the key into the ignition. He turned the key and expected the engine to rev to life. He got nothing. “DAMMIT!” he exclaimed slamming his hand down on the steering wheel. He cursed again as he tried once more. Still nothing. The Gods were against him it seemed. He'd run out on his perfection, and the Gods were punishing him for this slight.

Saying a silent prayer he turned the key delicately once more. The Gods were appeased, and the engine sputtered and roared to life.


“UGH I don't know!!!” She lamented “What the hell possessed me to kiss him to begin with?” she exclaimed pacing her kitchen talking to the universe. She leaned on the counter burying her head in her hands. “What have I done?”

“What's who done Lulu?” a familiar voice asked. It was her twin sister Tisha. She looked at her sister, a face that matched hers but that wore dark eyes to her light, and hair to match.

“Ohhhh Tish...” her eyes brimming with tears walking to her sister for an embrace. She sobbed into her hair mumbling something incoherent.

“Woah woah!” she pulled her sister back to face her “I can't understand a frickin word you just said. Take a breath....and sloowwwwly tell me what's wrong.”

She pulled her face back and stared at her sister, she took a deep breath and with her voice breaking managed “I kissed Gregg.”

“You KISSED him KISSED HIM? Nooo, you didn't KISS him did you? Ohhh Lulus....” her sister stared at her with sympathetic eyes “And then?”

“And then I ran...I frickin bolted. Like seriously? Who does that?” Gregg turned and stared at his friend who stared at him incredulously.

“Apparently you do dude.” he said shaking his head.

“UGH. What am I going to do Dez? I mean seriously? I ran out after kissing Louisa March. She'll never talk to me. I just lost my best friend.”

“Okay fine. You're screwed dude. Now get off the vinyl stacks. I've got to sort them. If you want to lament and piss and moan about your own stupidity either go sit over there, or go find her. Either need to move.”

“You're all heart...thanks bro.”

“Look. You want to know what I think? I think you want to go and kiss her again. I think you so desperately want to do that you can't even think straight. Instead you come here, to me. The boyfriend of her sister and piss and moan about how you fucked up. And yes, you fucked up large bro. She is the best thing that could ever happen to you. But instead you're here...with me. What kind of fucked up shit is that? Get into your Jeep, drive up to the Hills and find her. She won't have gone far, she's a creature of habit.”

Gregg nodded. He knew he'd find nothing but the truth from Desmond. He was a blunt and frank person who Gregg knew would point him in the right direction. “Thanks Dez.”

The towheaded blonde nodded his face now buried in the vinyl records sorting them frantically. “Ya huh....Oh and one more obligatory statement I'm bound to make. If you break her heart...I will kill you.”

“Thanks Dez.” Gregg repeated with a large toothy grin sprinting out the door and to his Jeep.


“So, kissed him. What's the worst that could happen from that?”

“I think him taking off without a word should be indicative of how bad it could be Tish.” sighed Lulu

“Okay buuuuuut what if he was know surprised? How did it all happen?”

Lulu shrugged “Well, he came over – you know like he always does for a swim. I came downstairs to meet him, he was already in the pool. He'd let himself in, like he always does. When I came downstairs he got out of the pool, came over to me and I don't know I just... like BAM happened. Next thing I know, he's apologizing and bailing out the back gate, and I'm left standing here like a dumbass who kissed her best friend!”

“You're not a dumbass Lulu.”

"Well, it's not the smartest thing I've ever done...obviously!"

"You're selling yourself short and setting yourself up for failure. You don't know what he was thinking."

"I don't know what the fuck I was thinking either." Louisa lamented resting her head in her hands.

"Lou???" a familiar voice from outside the kitchen window called out

Louisa's head shot up and stared at her sister wide eyed. "Oh shit. He's here....Tish...what do I do?!"


He banged on the gate with his fist. "LOU???" he called out again.

"Forget your key there big guy?" smiled Tish from the front step

"Tish! I have to see Lou! Is she here??? Her car is here!"

Tish sighed and rubbed her forehead "Gregg..." she began

"Come on Tish, I know she told you what happened today. Please...let me in." He implored her.

"She did Gregg. She told me you took off for high ground when it all went down." she folded her arms across her chest

"I did." he sighed "Look, please just let me in so we can talk face to face. I'll explain everything. You know I'm not some serial killer. And besides we both know if you don't let me in, I'll just hop the fence and climb the trellis anyway."

"It's unlocked..." Tish smirked tossing over her shoulder as she walked back inside. "Come to the kitchen and we'll talk."

Gregg sighed, putting his thumb to the latch he realized the gate had always been unlocked but, in his exacerbation, had not tried it. With a click the gate swung open and Gregg slipped inside.


"Okay so, spill it cowboy. What the hell is going on?" Tish stood in the kitchen with her arms folded.

"I just want to see Lou."

"You're not seeing her until you talk to me first." Tish said shaking her head. "So you may as well spill it."

Gregg sighed heavily and ran his fingers through his tussled brown hair. "I don't know what happened Tish. I just...I freaked out."


"She just...I just...she made me..." he stammered

"Did she touch you in your naughty spot?" Tish smirked

Gregg's blushed feverishly "Nooo, nothing like that."

"No. I know. You know how I know? Because you ran like a chicken shit."

"I know, I know!" Gregg sighed "Dez already ran me through the ringer. I just want to work all this out."

"What if it's too late for that?" countered Tish

"I...I hadn't thought that far in advance." Gregg stammered "I guess I just need to see her, to find out if it's too late or not. I love her Tish."

Tish smiled. "She's upstairs."


Gregg took the stairs three at a time up to Louisa's bedroom door, taking a deep breath he knocked.

"Tish? Is he..." the door swung open. Instantly Lou's face went red. "Oh...hi." she mumbled.

Gregg stared down at her looking at her with different eyes than he had ever before. She stepped backward into her room, he stepped forward into her modest sanctuary.

"Hi." he replied still staring down at her.

"Look, I'm sorry I..."

"Why do you always do that?"

"Do what?"

"You let people take away your power? You don't let people be wrong. You have this annoying habit of feeling like you always have to apologize and be 'wrong'. And the thing of it is're rarely wrong. It's annoying, it's frustrating as hell. But it's also one of your best qualities."

"I just...I shouldn't have..."

"Shouldn't have what? Kissed me?" he now stood in front of her as close as anything

She stared up at him with tears in her bright eyes, eyes that he had known since he was 6 years old. And eyes he had loved from the first moment he had seen them.

"Yes." she managed



"No." Gregg smiled "You see...I'm the one that should be apologizing. I'm the one who should be sorry. I never should have let things get this far. I should have talked to you long before now. But I guess I just didn't know how. I didn't want to lose my best friend. I just never knew how to tell you before."

"Oh..." she trailed off "You're gay..."

"WHAT? No!" Gregg exclaimed chuckling "Although, I am so very pretty..." he winked at her.

"What then? I don't understand." tears now freely streamed down Louisa's cheeks.

Gregg smiled and traced his thumb across her cheeks, wiping her tears away as quickly as they fell. "I didn't know how to tell you that..." Gregg took a deep breath before he spoke again "There is no one who makes me feel the way I want to feel like I do, as when I'm with you." he smiled down at her "You're my best friend Lou, I love you. And I think we can only build on that being together."

She stared up at him, into the eyes of the man who knew her world, her secrets and her soul.

"Now...about that kiss." Gregg smiled leaning in reveling in her kiss.


One Last Glimpse,


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