Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dreaming in Timeshift

The dream I had last night was very bizarre, and I'm going to try to describe it the best way I can in this entry. Please bare with me. I hope it comes across clearly and as it did when I dreamed it. 

I'm sitting in a theater, I'm the age I am now, I'm aware of the fact that it's 2012. The theater is Gothic in nature, with rich, velvet, lush seats.  I'm there to see a "run through" of a show.  A rehearsal or practice of what I have no idea. There are a few others milling around the theater doing various things. Some are chatting to each other in excitement, some are sitting reading. I'm writing in a notebook - what I'm writing however, I haven't the foggiest.

I'm there in a "professional capacity", but what that capacity is I'm not sure. I begin to notice however out of the 50 others that are in the theater with me are in various "time" stages of dress. The young ones seem to be dressed in 80's fashions, the mid 20's in 90's and so forth. But the older  they're dressed they have almost a faded effect on them, like a faded, washed out photo. The closer in time they are to current, the sharper the image. (If that makes any sense whatsoever).

Even though the houselights remain "up" as the show begins. For the first time I notice that it's Duran that's performing. But as I'm watching them perform or practice, I notice that Simon goes from appearing as he looks now, to having a younger appearance. Roger remains in his current state, and Nick while he appears as he does currently, his hair is slightly a darker blonder colour and not quite as fair or white blond as it is now. My eyes path to where John normally stands...he has his back to me, head down and is crouched. He appears to be in leather pants (always an asset in my humble opinion) and be wearing a t-shirt that are modern (He's wearing his LAMF shirt I find out later for those wondering). I'm uncertain if he's tuning his bass, but he's doing something to it and judging by the string of curses coming from him - he's not happy. He turns around and plays a couple notes. He's still not pleased, his mouth is down turned in displeasure. Again I read "fuck" off his mouth. He's not a happy camper. His appearance is young, and his floppy burgundy hair is a tell tale sign of that. My eyes pan over to the guitarist position and a young, long haired Andy Taylor's grinning face greets my gaze. ANDY?! Not who I expected to see. I'm surprised. And find that I'm pleased. "HOLY CRAP Andy looks so young!!" I chuckle to myself. So baby faced. John too.

The mics cut out, lights aren't functioning as they should be - and Simon quickly is becoming increasingly frustrated. He informs everyone to take 5 "or however long it takes for the sound crew to get their heads out of their collective asses" and a young, spirited and angry Simon Le Bon walks off stage into the wings. Roger bites the inside of his cheek and raises his eyebrow, twirling his drumstick. He checks some settings on his drums and then walks off stage.

John slips his fedora on his head, and sits with Andy at the edge of the stage, instruments still strapped on, legs dangling over the side chatting to each other. The young 80's girls flock to them as I see John's smile creep across his face in appreciation of their appreciation of him. He's checking them out! I think to myself chuckling. The girls are fawning over him (and Andy) and they are lapping every minute of it up. Rightfully so I think to myself. They are Duran Duran after all.

Nick is watching over the scene almost as if he's recalling a memory. With a slight far off bemused grin, and recollection. Like it's a memory, his memory that's playing out before him. I stand up to walk over to John and Andy, while I'm here; I think to myself; I may as well get their autograph. (Clearly at this point the "professional capacity" that I am there as has gone out the window - and I am about to go all "fangirl"). I'm stopped however ,as Nick has stepped in my path. He's grinning from ear to ear now like he's greeting a long lost friend, or has just heard the funniest thing ever, he has that spark of mischief he gets that is ferociously wild in his eyes. He greets me with an embrace and wants to know why he was not informed that I was coming. "Beats the shit out of me" is my reply. And it's the truth. I have no idea why he was not informed that I was coming. It's as much of a surprise to me that I am where I am, as it is to him.

I look over toward John and Andy who are signing autographs and posing for pictures. John and I lock eyes momentarily and he nods in respect or recognition I'm not sure which, and I continue my conversation with Nick. I hear a voice over my shoulder I recognize as Simon's he's now walking past some girls with people I recognize and is walking towards where Nick and I stand. He's a little more relaxed now and has a smile on his face. He nods at Nick, smiles at me at puts his arm across my shoulders and says "Well, that was a colossal cluster fuck waddinit?". I shrug at him and manage something to the effect of "It could have been worse, the wonder twins could have been coked off their tits." Nodding towards Andy and John. A ballsy statement to be making to Simon Le Bon, but hey...he asked and it's my dream dammit! I can say whatever the hell I want to! He throws his head back and laughs one of those really loud appreciative laughs and nods in agreement. He tells Nick that he thinks that the sound guys have their shit together and it's finally time to start the run through. Simon smiles once more and walks away as Nick does as well.

John and Andy are finding their positions, and they are now back to their current age, however John still has not lost the grin or the hat. Roger seats himself back behind his drums, but not before a smile and a wave to everyone.

I'm once again sitting in the theater, with some of my "sisters" about 20 or so of us stretched in this one row across the front, and this time the house lights lights start to dim. I feel a smile creep over my face as the opening to "Diamond in the Mind" begins and the stage lights slowly come up. I've found myself in this moment once before; I think to myself; and I'm eagerly anticipating to find myself there again. I inch myself to the edge of my seat, staring in fascination at the fantastic performance unfolding before me. The magnificent music ebbing it's way to my ears, those sounds that only Duran can make. I know at any moment I'm going to leap from my seat, the feeling of excitement is building and soon there will be no way I will be able to contain myself. Nick catches my eye once more and smiles broadly nodding his head. They've found their groove, and once again all is right with the world. I stand with my sisters, we're cheering, whistling and appreciating the guys...OUR guys. And they smile.

I woke up at this point... my first thought (funnily enough) was "Dammit!! If Nick hadn't gotten in my way I TOTALLY would have gotten John's autograph. What a cockblocker!" Keeping in mind, I didn't get Nick or Simon's autograph either. Ahh well, maybe next time.

One Last Glimpse,


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  1. What a great dream! And bugger about those autographs.