Monday, 26 March 2012

Working the day shift

 I was asked to work 12-8 today instead of my usual 3-11. Apparently assholes are everywhere no matter what shift you work.

Dear Asshole,

Hey Fucktard!! Just wanted to let you know a few things! You dear sir are a grade A super-sized asshole! Oh, come on now! Don't look so shocked and surprised! I'm fairly confident I'm not the first person who has felt this way about you - nor will I be the last!

The way you treat people is unbelievable. You're an adult - act like it. As for the whole issue of you telling me I'm "mistaken" (a thinly veiled "polite" way for you to tell me I was lying) about the outside lane being pay at the pump only for more than a month now, unless someone (ie. Sheila) has been authorizing it for you, and letting you pump when you shouldn't be - then you are incorrect. One of us works here Assface, and one of us does not. Care to guess which one?

As for your $150 in diesel , I know exactly what you can do with it and I don't think you need me to spell it out for you Sport-o.

Oh! And dare I forget you throwing down the nozzle onto the ground when you went to move from pump 6 to pump 7! So very mature you cock knocker! And of course lets not forget le piece de resistance in your burn out of the parking lot sending pile-ons flying. You know, seriously, I would have laughed my ass off if you'd sent that pile-on flying and the cap had popped off and dinged your truck. Bravo you fuckwit. Congratulations you're a big man!

Thank you again for your patronage fuckface! And don't come again.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. the truck's a substitute for the insufficient appendage, you know