Saturday, 3 March 2012

Literature Luddite or Trendy Techy: The tightrope we walk

I don't have a "Kindle" or any of these high tech "Ebook" readers. Honestly, I suspect I probably won't ever either, which may surprise some of you due to my geek/tech factor. Although, I don't have an iphone/pad/touch either so maybe not. It's not for lack of want on my part for the not having of the iphone/pad/touch it's more...lack of funds. Same reason I don't have a's not for lack of want that's for damn sure!

But I feel that the Kindle/Ebook is different. I think; much like my music; while I see the usage and possibility of an MP3...I love the tangibility of the CD/Record (I had tapes of course...but was mostly had the ever popular "mixed tape" going on - I was far more a Record/CD gal) or in the case of this blog entry...a book. (And don't get me wrong it isn't lost on me that statement. I get the irony of the fact that you are sitting, at your computer/laptop/iphone/mobilephone/tablet/Macbook reading this much like you would an Ebook).

If you have ever opened a Dr. Seuss book; for example; if you sniff the pages, for some reason they have a VERY distinctive smell that you will never find in any other book.(I have tested this theory by the way) I have no idea why, or what it is about Dr. Seuss books specifically...but it is distinctive to Dr. Seuss books only - perhaps it's the paper, or the ink, but truthfully I'm not sure. I just know that it's true and that I love that smell.

Same with The Bible and the onion skin paper it's printed on. It's specific. Yes, sometimes it's trimmed in red or blue or gold or silver...but the paper it's printed on is always the same thin, translucent paper that there is no mistaking it to be anything else but. I don't know why it's printed on onion skin paper. I'm sure there's a reason, but I don't know what it is. But it makes it unique to itself...and I like that.

I have to admit; there have been; and I do have, books in my shelf that were bought specifically because of the paper, or the cover, or the bindings that I have never read, or have yet to read that I bought upwards of 5 years ago. Is that strange? I have some books in my case (some of my favorites actually - that I have read) that I just liked the way the cover felt under my fingertips. The bumps and grooves of the artistry or the title works under my fingers. Odd how important that actually is...the window dressing. I have full intent of reading the books that have sat on my shelf, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I guess in a way a physical copy of a book is much like the artistry on a record. Or the sleeve insert like the pages or the texture of the pages. The voice or tune of the music is the voice or tune of the novel or story. I think it would be such a loss if we moved completely to that technology and left behind books as they are. A lost art to be sure.

One Last Glimpse,


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