Friday, 30 March 2012

Time to play: What's that lyric?

I'm sitting here at work listening to "Hungry Like The Wolf" and I've come to the realization that I'm baffled by a lyric that has stared me so blatantly in the face for almost 25 years and I never noticed it before. I quickly went to the internet for my answer, which of course only confused matters. So I'm a little confused and bewildered. Two reasons 1) I can't believe I've not caught it before and 2) One of the lyrical options (if the internet is to be believed) clearly makes more sense than the other. However, this is Simon Le Bon we're talking about, and so all assumptions go out the window. This is; after all; the same lyrical genius (and I mean that with all sincerity) who brought us lyrics like "My head is full of chopstick" (HUH?) and "I stayed a cold day, with a lonely satellite" (WHA??)

Okay's really not that this lyric doesn't make sense per se, I'm just not sure quite what exactly the lyric is. There's contradicting lyrics on the internet, and while I could probably tweet about it or Simon, John, DDHQ, Katy or even DM Andy Taylor if I wanted to and ask him directly (although I feel that's kind of an abuse of power and a cheeky bold move) I figure I'll just blog about it and someone's bound to know and answer. And if not...Whatever.

So like I said, one lyric makes sense and the other...doesn't...not as much anyway. But as I said, this is Simon, so either is possible. So I ask you dear readers is it:

"Straddle the line, in discord and rhyme"


"Strut on a/the line, in discord and rhyme"

I have always sang "strut" but now I don't know if that's right and I find I'm second guessing myself. Now even when I know the answer, it's not like having the right answer is going to solve the world's fuel price crisis or world hunger or anything else like that. But at least I'd be able to strike it off my list of "the things that perplex and bother me when it comes to lyrics". I hate getting lyrics wrong or not knowing the correct lyrics in general. It's a pet peeve of of many rest assured.

One Last Glimpse,


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