Thursday, 1 March 2012


Sometimes I'll let myself go and completely clear my mind and words will spill out. Sometimes they're complete trash and total gibberish...but sometimes, I like the imagery that they conjure up. I have no idea where they come from...I just know they do. This is one of those moments.

Lost on a winding road
With a castle in the sky
The moat has long run dry
And the war has long since been won

The clouds drift lazily past
As I drudge on and on
Toward the earths end
Toward you

I’d travel till forever
To get to where you are
To come home to your heart
To your soul

The wind whips past
The rain pours down
The days travel on
And I toward you

Skies go by
From day into night
From today into tomorrow
As time ticks past

I’d travel till the ends of the world
To meet where you are
To come home to your eyes
To your smile

Forever never seems
Like quite long enough
The dreams of the immortals
Like when we were young

Reverse the hands of time
Turning back the clock
Recapturing our youth
Of days gone by

At the edge of the world
To the edge of tomorrows
I’ve come home to your touch
To your love

c-2012 KMC

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