Thursday, 5 July 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise

Today was such bullshit day. I worked, and at around 2pm they started announcing on the radio that gas was going up 4cents, but not permanently...only for a day or two. Later, when I asked the boss Why it did that...she sardonically replied that some CEO must need bail money to bail his "princess" out and keep it out of the press. I thought maybe said CEO owed hookers some money. - We laughed.

It was hot out today. Hotter than hot, the kind of hot that even if you're outside for 2 minutes you begin to sweat...and then your little beads of sweat have beads of sweat. The kind of hot that once you've been in the air conditioning for a while, you step outside and it takes your breath away. People in the news have been baking cookies on the dashboards of their cars...get the picture?

When it's hot as it has been, that's when I find the assholes come out. People lose their mind, all sense of logic dribbles out their ears and people have no manners whatsoever. I get that it's hot out people but seriously...what the hell is wrong with you?

And it's not like I had it any better, our air conditioning at work was not playing nice. Now, I'm not sure if it's my one co-worker just being a putz and not knowing how to work it properly, getting her grubby fingers on the controls and fucking it up for everyone or if it is seriously in need of servicing or what. In either case, I walked in there and it was 72 degrees (that's 22 to those who don't know Fahrenheit). Which normally you're thinking, that's not too bad. But add to that a door that keeps getting open and closed every 30 seconds so ANY cool that is in the store gets let out, and any humidity from outside gets let in. Not to mention the heat that comes off the coolers, icy machine and computers. Not. Fun.

But the temperature went up from there, it went so high as to push 80 (26.6) and with the sun beating down on me (with no where to go or to escape it) it was not a good scene, so now I'm getting bitchy too. Not good. Let's just say some one who decided to give me a little too much attitude than I like, not only got it in spades in return, but also was given a rather reprimanding "look" from yours truly. Yes of THOSE looks. 

I'm off tomorrow and the biggest plan I have is to get out of bed and get dressed. 


One Last Glimpse,



  1. oh shit... THAT look LOL look the fuck out

    1. HAHA Yea... I think he was shocked to be honest. The lady behind him didn't know if she should shit or go sailing.