Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Of Tickets and Shoes...

So, my husband bought me tickets to go see Duran Duran's FINAL show of the All you Need is Now tour in Orillia. But not only did he buy ONE ticket...he bought THREE tickets. So here I am, freaking the hell out. He and I already had made plans to go together...and of course; I asked my Duran partner in crime who I started this journey with when we were 13 years old; Rachel to go. I was thrilled when she said she was able to join us. 

But then the always constant, ever-present question of "What the fuck am I going to wear"? comes into play. I mean it's Duran, it's a concert, and I CAN'T POSSIBLY wear the SAME thing as I wore in October!! What if they recognize me???!!! (as if!) But seriously....WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO WEAR????!!! That question was answered in part a few days ago in the form of a pair of shoes. THESE shoes in fact...I saw them in a store called 'Winners' and I was smitten!!! After sleeping on it for a few days, I went back this morning and purchased said shoes.

Okay, so I had shoes. Which in my personal opinion is ALWAYS a good starting place. You can build a GREAT outfit around a pair of shoes, and can be a major inspiration as to the direction of the entire ensemble. And they ARE comfy believe it or not. And super light!! I was in love. I knew I'd likely end up wearing jeans or something close there to it with them; which I already have; so I was good there as well! It's not that I didn't WANT a new pair of pants (I actually tried some on this morning!) I just didn't feel I NEEDED them. Not right now anyway. I may change my mind, but we'll see.

Next I needed a top....This came in the form of a trip to one of my favorite local stores called "Penningtons". Penningtons is a plus sized chain store (much like Lane Bryant to my American friends). I tried on a couple pairs of pants but as well a few tops. ALL of which either looked like hell...with the exception of two. One wasn't bad on and I liked it. The other...I LOVED and thought for SURE it would look like hell on me. MUCH to my surprise it looked GREAT on. I was SHOCKED.

I was REALLY starting to feel this whole concert outfit coming together!! GO ME!! So aside from a mani/pedi the day before the show I think I'm good to go! Unless of course I see a cute pair of pants that I just can't pass up! ;) We'll see.

One Last Glimpse....

PS. Dear Duran Gods/Muses... if it's not TOO much can you please leave GoF and SaP IN the set list for those of us who have yet to hear it live? (Apart from the Arena album or various other CD/youtube clips) I know it would be too much to ask for The Chauffeur to be there too...but it would be nice. Amen. xoxo

PPS. On August 2nd of 2011 was the announcement of my FIRST EVER Duran show for October of last year (Simon's birthday). I wrote a blog entry then...and it's funny as I read back through it I had a lot of similar feelings resurface when my husband informed me he'd bought the tickets for THIS show. I'd like to share with you now what I wrote back then:

"I have tried to write this blog about 5 times now and each time I couldn't get out what I wanted to say exactly. And I'm not sure entirely that I got it right this time. One of my #duransistas put her book editor hat on and suggested to me that I just write down words/phrases of how I felt at that moment to perhaps help me with capturing that time. These are the words that I have written:

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