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The Lost City of Atlantis

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Atlantis. The word conjures up a very specific image in my head. It always has when I think about it, I'm not sure why. Buildings, surroundings, people. Very detailed and very specific. The word itself seems otherworldly and ethereal to me. A word to be spoken in hushed tones, as if sacred. Full of mystery and intrigue.

A lot of people I think don't believe in Atlantis, I think they feel it's a fairy tale or a myth. A lot of people I think would like to believe in it, but try to be 'practical' or 'logical' about it and really aren't sure what it could mean if they ever found it. Then, there are those people who absolutely believe in the Lost City of Atlantis and think, if ever found, would probably be one of the most, if not the most significant find in archaeological history. (That would be the category where I fall into).

Personally, I'm a believer. I find the idea of Atlantis fascinating much like the stories of the pyramids. There are many theories out there that the Atlantians were a far more advanced civilization, some believe they were more advanced on a theological, technical, and metaphysical level. Some believe, that they (as a people) could fly, teleport and communicate telepathically...I'm fairly certain that's not the case, but what do I know?

I've also read that the Buddhist beliefs were born in Atlantis. That they were a peaceful, Buddhist community but corruption being what it is, it wormed and wheedled it's way into the minds of some of the Atlantians and as a people they destroyed themselves from the inside out. They attempted to find a higher plain of coexistence, but in the end they did themselves in. I've also read an extreme theory that says we are the Atlantians, and Earth is Atlantis....Atlantis is a planet, not a continent. And for millions of years we have raged war against two factions of humanity one who strives for that higher plain of existence and the others that don't.

For those who believe in Atlantis as a continent/city, there seems to be some discrepancy as to where they think it is. Some believe it's off the coast of Greece and Turkey buried under the water, some believe it's in the Bermuda Triangle -- hence the disturbances there, and some believe it's in the Great Lakes somewhere (I actually had a dream one night about that one before I knew anything about THAT theory).

I think there is so much out there about our own world that is left unanswered. Rumors of  a fantastic library under The Sphinx waiting to be discovered, lost cities and complete civilizations. I mean we're only now learning that there are actual full bodies to the heads on Easter Island. What else is there to discover about this wondrous planet of ours??

I don't know if we will ever find Atlantis (assuming of course, that the believers are right and it actually does exist); personally I don't think we will find it until we are ready to learn exactly what Atlantis was and what occurred there; as odd as that sounds.  It's one of those fantastic, amazingly intriguing mysteries that makes our past so fascinating.

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