Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Coming clean with my obsession

Yes, I'm obsessed. No, this blog entry isn't about my obsession with a certain British bassist (Hey, it's as much to my surprise as it is to yours!). But it is about something I'm obsessed with.

It didn't become blatantly obvious to me until my sister's wedding a few years ago. We were told what colour to buy, but that was about it. The style was up to us...we were the ones that had to wear them after all. As all my sisters bridal party were scattered across Canada this made things much easier. She gave us all the colour, the rest was on us. Little did I know what she had unleashed in me or what I was about to unleash upon myself. Perhaps my husband, family and friends all already knew, but as it goes with these sorts of things...I was the last to know. a shoe addict.

I'd kill myself wearing these but they're GORGEOUS.

I'm not meaning something as mundane as running shoes, or slippers. I could care less about either of those. Perhaps if I was a runner, then I'd care...but I'm I don't. But I'll get looking at dress shoes or casual shoes...dude something inside me snaps and I lose my freakin mind!!!! I become Imelda frakkin Marcos.

I'm not talking anything sexual or kinky. I don't masturbate with my shoes or have sexual fantasies about them (hey don't laugh I know it's likely out there!!). I just like the style, texture and fabrics of the shoes. I enjoy looking at shoe websites where you can look at all angles of the shoes. With the more intricate shoes you have to wonder what the designer was thinking at the time that they designed them! Some of them are way out there! I mean you'd have no where to ever where them, no occasion or reason to - but the artistry in them (and that's exactly what it is) is amazing and occasionally breathtaking!!! It's exquisite!

I mean look at these! They're gorgeous. The silver, the artistry... is that real metal???? They're awesome! I'd have never an occasion to wear them, they're certainly NOT something you'd wear to Friday night at the movies...but they're so cool none the less! Gorgeous!!

I just love these. Nothing to wear with them, but I love them none the less.

That's not to say I have a lot of shoes. I don't. I think I have maybe (including runners and winter boots) probably 7 or 8 pair. Now most women I know that is nothing. NOTHING by comparison. Shoes could easily become a serious serious purchasing addiction if I let it. But they have to be pretty as well as functional. 

My friend Rachel introduced me to platform shoes. I will never wear anything but them when it comes to formal shoes. They are so beyond comfortable I honestly don't know how or why I ever wore anything but! I know they look hella uncomfortable but even my eldest daughter who DOESN'T wear heels of ANY sort put on my new cork wedge platforms and said that they were relatively comfortable. 

I'm very critical about the shoes I like. My hair could look like shit, and I may not have a stitch of make up on for weeks...but if I've got cool shoes...I'm alright. Does that make me shallow?

Crocks. WHY? 

You will never...EVER see me in a pair of crocks And if you do...shoot me. PLEASE. I know some people SWEAR by them...I am not one of them. If you are one of the people who owns a pair...I'm sorry...we can no longer be friends. LOL KIDDING!!! 

I want these. 

Yes okay, so I'm obsessed with all things British. Okay no, scratch that. I'm mostly obsessed with a 6'2 British bassist. But that doesn't make these Union Jack shoes any less cool. I mean come on...LOOK at them! 

And then there are these....These are the newest shoes (in a long string) that I'm in love with. *SIGH*

So many little time. I think I'm going to need a bigger closet.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. I want those Union Jack sneakers...


    1. I know right???? They're freakin awesome.