Sunday, 8 July 2012

Birthday wishes

My eldest daughter turns 21 today...

Jessica Kristen Aaron Campbell was born in Masset, British Columbia. Masset is a remote village on the Queen Charlotte Islands in northern Canada. It is mainly fishermen or natives (first nation personages of the Haida Gwai tribe) or both. Once upon a time there was also a military base there (it has since closed) and Jessy was one of the only children born at CFS Masset.

She was over a week late (originally due on June 29th) and decided in true form (just like she has every day since her birth) that she wasn't quite ready to come out then and came out when she was damn good and ready to. (Obstinate little cuss!)

My parents, sister and her husband all flew out to see us (and her) but due to her late arrival, the only one who was still around to meet her were my parents. Alas the day I FINALLY went into labour my sister and Richard had to fly back to Ottawa.

My Mother was an obstetrical nurse by trade, and was in the delivery room with Alan, my doctor and the nurses however when Jessy was actually born she was such a novelty the nursing staff whisked her away to the makeshift "nursery" to get her APGAR scores, weight and measurements done - they left Dr. Adsic without anyone to help him with me. I recall (in my heavily medicated state) the doctor turning to my Mom asking her if she'd assist him (he knew she was an OB nurse). She said that she wasn't scrubbed...but what did he need. 

A few days after that they were showing me how to bathe Jessy (I already had had our son, but apparently I had forgotten how to bathe a child). I will never forget the nurse had her laying on her stomach facing away. At 2 days old, Jessy lifted her head and turned to look towards my Mom and I. I thought my Mom was going to have the big one right there. Of course her ability to do this; by my Mom's proclamation; made Jessy a genius! (Truth be told I think she was just nosy...she couldn't stand that we were talking behind her and she couldn't see what was going on! HAHA!)

Jessy's a good girl. Bright, talented, funny, quick witted. She's the very best of both her Father and I, and I love her to pieces.

Happy 21st Birthday "little shit" my sweet Pooka Poo. I love you. 

One Last Glimpse,


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