Saturday, 21 January 2012

Anything that could have gone wrong...

So tonight I was to work, the boss's youngest daughter (who is 4) was having some dental surgery done and was not available in any level. Fine no biggie. Well I arrived at 3 for my shift; find out it's been busy all day again no biggie; but then...then my fine friends...everything...went to shit.

I work at a gas station. We have 4 pumps with 2 pumps on each pumps so 8 pumps in total. (One on each side). My station is usually busy (especially on a Friday night) as we find the cheapest price in town and price match them in spite of whatever the major's price may be (Esso/Shell/etc). Tonight when I arrived all hell broke loose.

The pumps (for whatever reason - I still HONESTLY don't have a clue as to what the HELL happened) decided that only ONE side per pump could pump at a time - and IF by some small miracle the other side COULD get gas, it came out slow. as. hell. And today was C_O_L_D. So of course, it's cheap(er) gas, people start lining up, they get impatient and they get bitchy because of course SOMEHOW it's my fault, and SOMEHOW I should be able to fix this problem.

Shortly after this my main till  and the debit (the one I usually use) goes tits up. I have NO idea as to WHY, or what just did. I am like are you KIDDING me??? At this point like a wondrous knight on a white horse my husband appears out of nowhere, with hot chocolate and a willingness to spend the REST of my shift going out, in the cold and snow (because now of course there's a small snow storm going on - as if things weren't bad enough) directing traffic and informing people of the issues with the pumps. Which of course didn't REALLY fix any attitude that they may have given but it certainly didn't hurt any. Have I mentioned how much I adore my husband??? Had ANYONE even looked at me sideways the wrong way...they would have had to have dealt with him.

I'm home now...I'm hoping whatever the problem was yesterday is repaired by tomorrow. But I was SURE glad to be out of there by the end of tonight. As I txted and tweeted as I was about to leave work "HOME NIGEL AND DON'T SPARE THE HORSES!!". Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day.

One Last Glimpse,


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