Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I'm awake, wide awake in fact. It's 12:42am EST and I'm not the least bit tired. I've been so sick the last week or so it seems that sleeping is ALL I have done (When I haven't been working).Quite frankly I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Aside from a slight nasal issue going on at the moment I feel better than I have in WEEKS. I'm sure you're saying to yourself well then why the hell aren't you going to bed to improve on this. Well I'll tell you, to be 100% honest as foolish as this is going to sound, I'm afraid if I go to bed...I'll feel like shit when I wake up. I know that's complete foolishness and illogical but it's the thought process I'm currently stuck with. I also have a few other issues currently that I'm trying to settle myself from however I'll just leave it as well hell what the hell -- I haven't had sex in about a week or so, so I'm a little bit erm...lets just say I'm a little "amorous". However my darling husband is now sick...so unless I'm going to fly solo...or go lift a Buick, here I sit. Nothin' but honesty around here folks! Sorry!!!

I've been writing a fair bit lately so that's a good thing. Some here, some on my book...some completely random blurbs just for fun. But I'm feeling good about what I'm writing. Even if no one but me is reading it, or if I throw it out at the end of the night if I'm at work (BLASPHEMY I KNOW!! SORRY JM!) I'm pleased with what I'm putting out. I feel...comfortable you know? I mean lets face facts would I have thought a year ago that I'd be letting you all ready this?? OH HELL NO! Mind you, had you asked me a year ago how this last year was going to play out, would I have believed you? Not a chance or hope in hell. I probably would have laughed openly quite frankly. I mean really. The events that have occurred in the last year to all of us, have been...off the charts. Really. Cosmically off the map. But it's the way the 'verse rolls ya know? The world is a funny, funny place.

Andy Taylor has been tweeting a LOT lately. Does that man not sleep? Is he a cylon? Like seriously what the hell is up with THAT? He's growing on me I got to admit, I mean...I'm still annoyed with the goings on surrounding him and his coming and going and antics that I've read about with him both by their voice and his own admittance but...the "little geordie fook" will always be "the little geordie fook". But I GOTTA know, what the hell is up with the sunglasses 24/7. Does anyone know? I guess his sunglasses 24/7 annoy me like Charlie's chuck's and sneakers annoy you RCL or JT's ducklips. Although truthfully I think he does that now a days just because he was FOREVER asked to do that in the 80's pictures so now he mocks it almost? I dunno, maybe now it's an unconscious habit. LOL

Anyway...I suppose I should head to bed. It's getting late and I SHOULD get SOME sleep...don't chance it and all that. So here's to me still feeling as good when I get up as I do right now.

One Last Glimpse,


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