Friday, 27 January 2012

New Romantic

I think I've always had an affection and a affiliation  for "romantic" things. The idea or notion that someone or something can be so pure, so perfect, so in love, so pristine is beautiful to me.  The thought that someone can be that enamored and agog over another person is truly a beautiful thing. For example, I love the romance and affection that Maria and Tony have in West Side Story - which is probably why it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Their love; no matter how brief; is perfect. And I love that.

I love to get that wrapped up into a movie, to get lost in the surroundings, the dialogue, the costuming and the characters is fantastic. That to me, is good story telling. I have to say...I hate crying in movies, but I know that if I do cry in a movie, or a television show it has really touched a place in me that is special and the director and actors have done their job in telling whatever story they are trying to tell. I remember when I was a young teenager my sister and I sat and watched the mini-series 'The Thorn Birds' with Richard Chamberlain, Rachel Ward, Christopher Plummer, Bryan Brown, Barbra Stanwyck and Jean Simmons (to name a few!) . Four nights, of 2 hour episodes.  Not once did I cry...but my sister did at the end of each night. I remember I would sit there, laugh and she'd be all embarrassed and tell me to "shut up!" as she cried. When I was 15 it aired again, and again I watched it...this time I cried. I got it this time, I understood the love, the passion, the entire story. I wanted someone to be that much in love with me.

I love how movies, television and music can take you on that journey.. It can take you to a time or a place or a feeling that you've long since forgotten or tried to forget. Good or bad, right or wrong. Life does that too every now and again if we're lucky. A smell, a picture, a word even. It's funny that way. Sometimes in a very sick and twisted sort of way...but funny none the less. It makes you face things sometimes that you really don't want to. It makes you turn your face away, and look through your fingers at your worst nightmare. But it's life, it's love. Sometimes it's perfect and beautiful, sometimes it's unexpected, sometimes it's scary when you realize just how much you actually care for another person, sometimes it's unconventional. But it's a great feeling. Being in love, being loved, knowing someone cares about you and your well being. It doesn't matter if it's a husband, wife, lover, child, friend, family member. To know that that person has taken the time, effort, energy, to see something in you that is worth while. That you are worth while. And sometimes, it makes you look at yourself in a whole new light.

One Last Glimpse,


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