Thursday, 19 January 2012

Goonies Never say Die!

Never is such a definite is won't or hate. There's no 'in between' with those words. No maybe's, could be's, or hesitation. No wiggle room or seeming possibility for change of ideology. This is something I think that leaves me a little unnerved. Everyone should be open to change at some level. Otherwise how does one grow? Learn? Adapt? We joke around my house always saying a line from the movie Wayne's World "We fear change" but that's not true at all.

I'm seemingly on this personal growth kick this last year (if I wanted to or not it seems!!) And I've had to certainly adapt to my unprecedented growing personal needs. Some of them I knew lied dormant in wait...some I had no clue such a thirst or hunger awaited me when I pried the lid off of Pandora's proverbial box  so unexpectedly almost this time last year. It's been interesting. I think I've used that word a lot this year "interesting" and "unexpected". Perhaps those are my "buzz" words to describe 2011. I have to say though it's not been a solo journey. Family, friends (both new and old) have all played a cosmic pivotal roll (albeit some of those people played very...unexpected rolls to say the least!)

It's funny I always thought of myself as being a hairdresser "when I grew up" as my career path. And while I could still easily do that...its really not what I want to do "when I grow up". It's not my "hearts desire". Like everything else it seems..."had you asked me a year ago" seems to be a running theme... But sometimes you just need to open yourself up to the possibilities of change. And go from "never" to even just a "maybe someday" for some or a "definitely absolutely" for others.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. So, what is your heart's desire?

  2. LOL do you REALLY have to ask that question? YOU? REALLY??? ;P