Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tantric JT

I find texting or even tweeting can be so unexpected and random sometimes. The things we say, the conversations we have. The odd little things that make us laugh or amuse us I find fascinating sometimes. They can take on a life of their own, and occasionally add a visual that you never expected.

I randomly was texting with JM today discussing how JT had been back tweeting again and how things were getting back to normal. I was hyper and he was jet lagged. We briefly discussed how on the days when he has all this pent up energy he should be writing his book or get a hobby, and then very randomly she suggested the idea of him doing a headstand. Now..for you visualization types (and JT lovers) what i visualized. Follow along with me if you will. Are you ready? Picture this... (You're welcome in advance by the way). A long, lanky JT doing a headstand, grinning and giggling uncontrollably as he tries to stay erect (stay with me here girls) T-shirt fell up, showing a little tummy, pant legs of his jeans fell up as well (he is upside down after all) showing a little hairy leg, and bare feet. Now...I'm not a foot or a toe person, but some men DO have sexy feet. SLB and JT in my opinion have been blessed with VERY sexy feet. Anyway, that was instantly what I saw in my minds eye and well...yea... My response? "Tantric JT...I can dig it!" Oh yes I freakin CAN! 

On a side note, (related note?) I think if it's doable financially this year I'd like to go either get into yoga or belly dancing or both. I don't know how good I'd be at either but I won't know until I try. Just like anything and everything else until I put myself out there. I'll never know if I "could have" accomplished it or not. You're reading exhibit A as far as THAT one goes. Proved that to myself, why not this as well? 

I work again tomorrow (Wednesday) and then I'm off on Thursday. Which, now that I'm feeling better -doesn't fill me with a sense of impending doom like it did last week. Because let me assure you dear readers there is nothing worse than sitting at work feeling like re-fried shit and having to dispense some sort of pleasant customer service when all you really want to do is curl up into a ball and die. But like I said...I'm MUCH better now. 

I'm sure I'll blog again this week. I wrote a "poem" this evening I'm torn as to if I like it or not. I guess I'll toss that here before I head to bed and get your thoughts.

On peacock plume,
And angels wings
On ebb and flow of time
Hearts or' flow in love and hate
Tidal storms toss to-and-fro
Eagles cry and cats eye glow
Grow cold and distant haze
Closed gates, crashed thunder
and fallen rock
Hearts crumbled and vengeance raged
Till never more voiced loud as a whisper
Screamed silent in my mind
For desperation crawls forth for forgiveness
And bleeds in hallowed mourn. 

And there you have it.

One Last Glimpse,


Edit: Photo temporarily changed as of Jan 19th/12 - keep getting error.

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  1. You're welcome ;) Thanks for the breath-stopping photo!

    I like the poem... Love the imagery