Wednesday, 18 January 2012

For Love and Country

It's been a while since I wrote about family. It seems I'm always blogging about me, or work, or music, or friends, or Duran...but it's been a while since I've gone on about my family.

I want to tell you a little secret, that isn't such a secret. For as much as I will swoon and go on about John, my heart truly lies with only one man. He is the one who stole my heart when I was 16 and has kept it, protected both it and me ever since - even when "we" weren't a "we". There was a brief time in our marriage where we were apart, and while I don't like to think on it - it was a grievous error in judgement on my part; however we both learned hugely from it; and are better off for it in the long run.

I adore my husband, for more reasons than I can ever possibly explain to you here. He understands me at my very core, he knows what I need, when I need it and sometimes, a lot of the time, he knows even before I know it's what I need, whatever "it" may be. He's truly one of a kind and I am so very endlessly blessed to have him. 

He has seen and had called upon him to do many things none of us can fathom nor would we want to in his lifetime. His career with the military was no frat party, and he was a damn fine soldier and he should be very proud of himself for the way he served Canada and the Queen. I know I am extraordinarily proud of him. 

He's seen every shit hole and Gods glorious spots on this planet and lived to tell the tale with most (MOST) of his sanity in tact. He's always been a little...hyper (My Mom always used to tell him "Take a Valium Alan!") but to me, it's part of his charm and one of the things I loved most about him. Finally, someone who could out talk ME. Now, when I'm not comfortable or just getting comfortable in a new situation I'll be very quiet - I know you're thinking WTH?...but once I'm comfortable...look out!! But Alan's not built that way...and I liked that about him!

One of his trips he took with the military was to Germany in 2001 for a month. It was an exercise that took place with multiple other countries military where they played "War Games" for a month.Various exercises and training techniques. One of the places they managed to go to was Vimy Ridge. I cannot fathom the awe that Vimy would put me in. Just thinking about it's history and what it means, quite frankly is staggering. I mean really...can you imagine if we'd lost? Would you want to?

I'm truly blessed. I know it. One of my favorite quotes comes from a Robert Downey Jr./Marissa Tomei movie called "Only You". Marissa Tomei plays a school teacher, and in this scene I'm about to share, she is trying to explain "destiny" to her class:

"Destiny..From the Latin root destinare...
meaning, to have destination...
to take a trip where the events
are totally predetermined"
Imagine that The motion of like attracting like
The motion of a divine preordination
Okay Look One hand, two hands
Put them together…and what do they make?
Right! So, Plato tells us we began in circles.
When we strive to be like the gods, we were punished by a thunderbolt…that struck 
us and cut us right down dead center...
in half. We scattered to the ends of the earth...searching and searching...for our other half.
Now, what Plato was that if we just stop...
and go with the flow...and follow our destiny...
it'll lead us back to each other."

One Last Glimpse,


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