Saturday, 25 June 2011

And now for something completely different

I write poetry. Rather abstract, and even on one occasion it was described as "graphic" poetry. It comes in fits and starts. I've gone huge long periods where I've written nothing and then, out of nowhere it comes. I've RARELY (read: almost never) shared any of my poems. They're my own. They're private. They're mine. Only a handful have been read ever, and aside from doing one for English class in High school or something I've kept it that way. But that was for marks, so personally I really don't count that. I don't even know if my husband has ever read my stuff, although I can't fathom that he hasn't. I know he would but I don't know if he ever has. He has written me some lovely poems, but I don't know that I've ever written him any (that I have given to him). Interesting....

So now that I have let you into that part of my world a little and told you a secret. I will take it that one step farther and actually share a couple poems with you. I wrote these within the last 6 months or so. Posting these here dear reader I can tell you is about to send my anxiety off the charts. I'm not a person who is anxiety ridden, or prone to panic attacks and yet this has me a little on edge. But I'm trying to grow here as a person dammit...right??? Okay then! On we go!!!

Are you ready to see what I want to show you,
Twisted visions of distant night skies,
Vivid inspirations twist like smoke and vanish,
See them before they dissappear,
Catch the void before you fall,
Down below the world,
Inspirations of a dark cruel world,
Left vacant at your feet.

Lightening flashes in the night skies,
Forcing back your gaze.
Hollow voices heard in my brain,
Travel far upon the wind.
Echoed voyages from times gone by
Innocence lost, not won or gained.
Drifting idly by on a vanishing sunset
Beneath a deep skied haze.

Fields of flowers of love of pride
Seen in your beauty and soul
Void not won or music silenced
Forever wild and ranged
Angled deviants hang forever
Noises rattle past the street
Comulating in words not spoken
Violence must now retreat.


Raise the world
My mind has done
The vapid vacant stare
World's come and gone
Swallowed up whole
Be gone vile and desolate dreams
Forced out by pristine decay.

Moans of hope, wails of truth
Float through heavy skies
Stars of past long burnt out wishes
Still shine in the night skies

Vibrant textures swirl past those eyes
Ones that have yet to know the truth
Rise up and fear no one
On the morrow and veinful day

Ask the past about tomorrow
Kiss the fleeting sun
Virtue begone betwixt and tethered
Aching to be shown the way.


Don't ask me what either of these mean...I haven't the foggiest. Like I said they just come to me.

One Last Glimpse,


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  1. I L O V E these. They kind of remind me of Jim Morrison but more modern without being too modern .