Monday, 27 June 2011

Things about me

This is my blog about things either people can learn about me, from me, or just get a laugh reading. Or all of the above. Lets see what I can tell you about myself...

  1. I'm the youngest of two girls
  2. Wooden ventriloquist dummies and clown dolls terrify me, and china dolls freak me out.
  3. Every guy that I liked/had a crush on in high school (with the exception of my husband) ALL had VERY dark or dark brown hair and eyes. (Movie stars and musicians included with the LONE exception of SLB)
  4. The first crush I had in high school (named Nick Teevan) resembled John Taylor but it wasn't until recently that I saw it. And it was actually a NON Duranie friend that pointed it out to me. She stated "I assumed that's why you liked him". Apparently not since I didn't even realize it! Woops!
  5. I always wanted to be a hairdresser for as long as I can remember.
  6. My hair has been almost every "natural" colour there is, and a couple that aren't.
  7. I lost my virginity to my husband at age 16.
  8. My Uncle Jim once commented that he could see me with 5 children.
  9. My first concert ever was Animotion opening for Platinum Blonde.
  10. I've met Elvis Stojko a few times (world champion figure skater). My Aunt Bev used to rent a basement apartment from The Stojko's when he was quite young (8 or so).
  11. My middle name (Maureen) is after Maureen O'Hara
  12. I've loved Duran for almost 30 years and in all that time I've never seen them live. I've been close...sort of.
  13. I LITERALLY walked into someone famous at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), but didn't realize who it was until after the fact (I REALLY had to pee). By then he was gone.
  14. I'm useless at all science except Biology
  15. I'm even worse at Math
  16. English, Music, and History were my favorite subjects in high school
  17. My first boyfriend in public school was a kid named Tommy Moore.
  18. My first boyfriend in high school was a kid named Sean Crowe.
  19. My first kiss was a kid named Rick Cole (I was about 7 or 8 I think???)
  20. The worst movie I ever saw was a movie called "Weekend Pass", and for some reason we sat through the whole thing instead of getting up and leaving.
  21. I've always wanted a VW Bug (Rag Top preferred of course!)
  22. The night I lost my virginity was the same night George Michael's "Father Figure" video made it's world premiere. My husband had left the television on in the other room, and I went out to watch it when it came on. Alan INSISTS to this day that I shoved him off mid-coitus to go watch it, but that's absolutely not true....I don't think. 
  23. My 3 favorite movies of all time are "West Side Story", "Somewhere in Time" and "Labyrinth"
  24. Two of those movies ALWAYS make me cry.
  25. On my wedding day my Father hugged Alan and said to him with a laugh and a smile "She's your problem now!" Alan LOVED that saying so much he would repeat it. My father has NO recollection of this event taking place at ALL. True story! 
  26. I love my car, but I like that Alan's is a standard. 
  27. I have a fixation with 'steampunk'
  28. Gay Marriage should be legal no matter where you are.
  29. Warren Cuccurullo gets on my nerves. (Don't worry if you don't know who he is..he's not worth your time).
  30. This current shift that I am working feels like I've been here for days.
  31. My friends are very dear to me.
  32. I have a slight girl crush on the chick who plays Callie from Grey's Anatomy.
  33. I enjoy musicals.
  34. I'm a "Glee"k and proud of it.
  35. I'm a "Duranie" and proud of it. (duh!)
  36. I enjoy Karaoke - and ALWAYS sing at least one Duran song (usually Rio)
  37. I've never been arrested.
  38. I have no tattoos currently BUT I have 2 that I want to get.
  39. I tend to speed. (Woopsies!) But I have never been caught.
  40. I don't always brush my teeth before bed.
  41. My favorite Duran song of all time is The Chauffeur. Followed by Drive By, and Girls on Film.
  42. One of my favorite songs EVER is "America" by Neil Diamond
  43. My mother FORBID me from EVER watching The Jefferson's again after I uttered the "N" word in our car with My Mom, sister, a friend of my Mom's and I when I was about 8. 
  44. I have only ever contemplated suicide once - it was short lived.
  45. My favorite meal is rack of lamb.
  46. I LOVE sushi, which is funny because I didn't want to try it. BUT I don't do wasabi.
  47. When we would play house as a kid I would always be named "Heather"...I have no idea why I'd choose that name, none of my kids are named "Heather". lol
  48. My favorite colour is teal.
  49. My heritage is Scottish/English/Irish. It is rumored that one of my relatives was a guard at Buckingham palace -- my understanding is you have to be related to the royal family in some fashion to become a guard. You may refer to me as Her Royal Heigness from now on, thank you.
  50. The only other band that I could listen to forever and not get tired of them (BESIDES Duran/Arcadia) is Savage Garden/Darren Hayes. (Who I had the PLEASURE of seeing in concert when Savage Garden was still together on the Superstars and Cannonballs tour in 2000 I believe?)

  Did you learn anything??

  One Last Glimpse,


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