Thursday, 30 June 2011

I gotta pee!!

I just recently told this story to my sister in law Mary (although to be honest, I thought I told her YEARS ago. She insists I didn't.) ANYWAY....

In February of 1991, my Mom lived in Anaheim California. My husband and I were posted to a very remote portion of British Columbia Canada, and as such the Canadian Forces gave each member (and their family) money towards an "Off Island" trip per year.

For our son's first birthday we decided to go to LA to see my Mom. I was about 5 months pregnant; with our daughter; and I REALLY had to pee when we arrived. (If you have never been pregnant before -- there is NOTHING even remotely like having to pee when you're pregnant -- when you have to go...YOU HAVE TO GO THEN. PERIOD) My Mom and hubby went to grab the bags while I hauled ass to the bathroom.

I was trucking my ass through the airport, head down, when I rounded the corner I LITERALLY walked into this guy and this HUGE black gentleman. I remember I said excuse me, and I think I muttered something of an apology as well. I looked up at the guy quickly who grinned at me and asked if I was okay. I said yes and kept walking.

Fast forward about 3 minutes later. I'm alone in the women's washroom, when all of a sudden it strikes me who I had walked into. My eyes widen, I remember I did something vaguely resembling a wipe, flush and wash of my hands (in record time I'm sure) as I scrambled out of the bathroom to see if I could find him again. But he was long gone.

After, when I didn't see him, I had a momentary doubt run through my head that I wasn't even sure it was him.

This WAS LA after all, and I thought maybe I was just looking TOO hard and thought EVERYONE was a celebrity. The next night watching Arsenio Hall I got my answer. The person I had walked into mentioned that he had flown into LA the night before. I about shit my pants.

I LITERALLY walked into Donnie Wahlberg, and then kept walking...all because I had to pee.

One Last Glimpse,


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