Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I TOLD you I was a newbie!

I realized after I was reading what I had written that I never actually wrote about ME. I mean yes, okay I did...my family IS an extension of ME, it's part of who *I* am but not about ME. (NARCISSIST ALERT!)

I'm the youngest of 2 girls, my parents divorced by the time I was 5. My sister was one of my best friends growing up (and still is). ALTHOUGH at times we wanted to (and did) damn near kill each other, we're much closer now than we have ever were. I love her dearly, and wish that I saw her more than I do. It's pretty lame actually we only live about 45 minutes apart and yet months will go past before I see my sister. It's the same with my Dad though -- and pretty much the same exact distance as well. I'm not as close emotionally to my Father as I would have liked to have been or would like to be. Often there are times where I feel I cannot talk to him as I would like to. There have been issues or conversations that I have wanted to have with my father over the years that have not, and likely will never occur. This makes me sad of course, but over the years I have had to realize and come to accept it as part of the way things are and the dynamic of that relationship.

Sadly 15 years ago my Mother died of breast cancer. It is something that has plagued and feared me for the last 15 years of my life. I know I can't run from it, it's one of those things that either I'm going to get, or I'm not. I go for my first mammogram on this coming Saturday, and to be honest....I'm nervous but I'm not petrified like I thought I would be. The thing that REALLY has me concerned is the pain. LOL That's it. Not the fear that they're going to find something *cue ominous music here* because I KNOW they're not. Don't ask me HOW I know, I just...do. It's something that HAS to be done,  and I'm willing to do it. Well not MYSELF, but I'm willing to HAVE it done.

I love music. All types. (Don't you HATE that answer? It's SO generic). I definitely have my favorite types of music. Pop...80's pop mostly. Ok...Duran Duran. *INSERT FANGIRL SQUEE HERE*. Yes, Duran Duran is my favorite band of all times. Ever. Period. Hands down. I DO have other favorites, but none can compare or surpass my boys. I don't have an answer as to WHY. They just have that...thing. Yes okay, they were (are) very....VERY...pretty. *drools a little* (mind your step, sorry bout that...that'll happen a lot when they're brought up...sorry...floatation devices are on the walls help yourself). I like OTHER music other than Duran, although my husband, and probably my kids would INSIST different. Hey...my car, my music. Deal.

But I do like other music. No, seriously! I was raised on the "Holy Jewish Trinity" (Manilow, Diamond, and Streisand), started piano lessons when I was 5, viola when I was in 7th grade which I took through high school, choir (from about grade 6 straight through), took guitar in 11th and 12th grade, and sometime during 8th grade taught myself upright bass. Which ties back into Duran Duran... when I first heard Duran Duran I think I decided at that moment, more than ANYTHING else...I HAD to learn how to play bass. Since electric bass wasn't taught at school (only upright) that was my only option. I tried to squelch the desire later by learning guitar, but to be honest...it didn't work. It was always there. It wasn't until I finally admitted to my husband (quite recently) that I had always wanted to play bass, that I actually got my musical heart's desire.
I am now, the VERY proud owner of an electric bass. "Rio" as she has been called is a lovely 4 string, Peavey Cirrus BXP bass. It is almost IDENTICAL to the one that John Taylor (my idol and of COURSE teen crush) plays currently, or one of the ones he plays currently. 

I'm going to wrap this up quickly and come back to it later as I have tempted fate twice now (the power keeps going off). And I want to get this posted before it goes out a THIRD time and I quite possibly lose this entire thing. SO, there you have it. One MORE glimpse into that which is I, your humble host. 

One Last Glimpse,