Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Newbie Blogger Alert!

 Hello lovelies!

 I have debated blogging for a while. Of course I have the ever famous questions that run rampant in my head. What would I say? Would people even give a shit about what I write? Who would read it? The answer I guess really is -- it doesn't matter (to all 3 questions). LIKELY if you're here...you give a shit. Period. Doesn't matter really what I write or say, but the fact that you've taken interest in reading what I've written (which fair warning could may very well be complete drivel sometimes -- you have been duly warned) is good enough for me. 

 I probably should write a bit about me. Well, I'm married to my best friend and have been since 1989. We were high school sweethearts who married out of high school (awww!) and have 3 children. My hubby was in the military for 22 years (straight out of high school) and retired almost 2 years ago due to an injury he sustained while "in theatre". (Military jargin for 'on tour' -- and no 'on tour' doesn't mean like Duran Duran will be coming to an arena/theatre/stadium near you promoting their new album "All you need is now" insert shameless fan plug here! "on tour" or "in theatre" in the military means seeing combat...ie. Iraq, Afghanistan, etc). Now we are back in our home city, which I am loving. My best girl friends (whom I've also had since elementary/secondary school) still are here, and I am LOVING getting to hang out with them and be with their families that they have. It's a wonderful thing.

 Our children: 

 Our eldest (22) our son, graduated with HONOURS from secondary school a few years ago. I am extremely proud of him.  You see, our son he has Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's is in the autism spectrum and while he is what they refer to as "high functioning" at times it has been extremely difficult. When he was 4 I remember sitting in a doctor's office (we had taken him for testing as he wasn't really speaking at the age of 4. Odd words here and there -- but not really sentences like he 'should' have been. I remember the "Doctor" (and I use that term loosely came into the office and promptly told me that my son was (in her words) "A retard". I promptly told HER that it would be best if she left the office before I stuffed her "PHD" up her ass. It's not always been an easy road with my son, but he's brilliant, talented, funny and I love him more than he will ever know.

  Our eldest daughter (20) is a carbon cut out of her Father. And I mean that in the most sincere, honest and nicest way. She knows it. She looks like me, but personality wise...she is her father through and through. She is INSANELY talented in the arts. She's got a BEAUTIFUL singing voice, can play the violin (although she needs to practice), and can draw RINGS around many people. She's a talented "little shit" whom although I worried about her for a while (high school wise). I think she'll be okay. She's looking to go to school to become a chef in the fall. While my ass certainly doesn't need anymore food I'd love to taste test some of her future creations! I think she will be brilliant! Look out Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, someday you may be asking my daughter for tips! 

 Our youngest daughter (19) is unique. In actuality, and in all honesty she's not my daughter. Although I treat her as such, love her as such, unfortunately she is not mine, nor my husband's biologically. Up until almost 3 years ago I didn't know this girl at all. She was a friend of my eldest daughter at school who on fluke of random happenstance came home one day, due to issues in her own home, and has never left. And I am so very glad she didn't. We love her dearly, just as much as if we had hatched her in the cabbage patch ourselves. She is a brilliantly talented young woman who - if she so desired to be so, could be LITERALLY ANYTHING she wanted to be. She's struggled most of her life with various things, but I'm hoping someday soon the butterfly will emerge. It's coming - and her Father and I will be VERY proud of her the day that it finally does.

As for me? Well, if you're here...likely you already know me. Or THINK you know me. You may learn something, you may not. Who knows. I can't say how often I'll blog, or how often I won't. I guess you'll just have to stick around and find out.

 One Last Glimpse,
   ~K xx

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