Thursday, 30 June 2011

Da Na na na

The other day one of my fellow #Duransistas (GeorgieDavis1) made mention of hearing the song "The Reflex" in concert on the upcoming Duran Duran tour. The thought of singing the opening of that song - that iconic 80's anthem, with 1000's of other people who are there in that moment, for the same reason I am, is significant and likely to be very emotional.

The Reflex is not my favourite Duran Duran song by any stretch. But those few notes...that one, non-verbal line, is a significant reminder of when things were fun as a teenager. Before life was saddled with adult responsibilities.

I laugh when I watch all these youtube videos, that people have posted of their concerts that they have been to. To put it bluntly, we are Simon's minions. He has us so well trained we know when to respond, what to respond, and how to respond. And we do it all. Gladly. Right from the opening of "The Reflex" (Da nanana) to the hand motions to "Bat your lashes, let it shine" (If you just did the hand's okay - you're among friends, no judgements here). Then of course there's the response to "On bass guitar....John Taylor!!!!" Yep...THAT'S the response! Oh and God forbid we forget the response to "Say my name...." How could we EVER forget?? He has us well trained.

I can't even really think about the upcoming tour that much as I get to excited. It's going to be bad enough when we DO find out the show is going on sale. I will be needing to be pulled off the ceiling. I can't even think about that right now. I get so excited and they haven't even announced our date yet, OR a venue!!!

I've never experienced this euphoric feeling before. I mean yes, I've felt euphoric about music before....But no other band/group/singer has ever made me excited like this. Their music, simply put....turns me on. Not in a sexual sense, although in some instances, it could (and has).

I know the day of the concert, my dear friends and likely the days leading up to, I am going to become exceedingly hyper. For that...I apologize well in advance. Rachel, I will most definitely shed tears, sequel like a teenager, grab your arm and possibly your hand at the show. For that too...I apologize now. But I can think of no other person more fitting to share that specific experience with.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. hahaha I would normally buy ear plugs for the ride there to muffle you out but seeing as you know my kids... I won't need to bother

  2. I'll just press my face to the glass and count the km's till we get there. :D LOL It's once I see the CN Tower I'll likely start to bounce in my seat. HAHA