Friday, 24 June 2011

In about 1989 or so a new "boy band" appeared on the music scene. New Kids on The Block were "5 bad brothers from the Beantown land". They were young, squeaky clean and the young girls LOVED them. Who wouldn't? I liked them too, I'm not ashamed to admit. They were CERTAINLY no Duran, but they were enjoyable. My favorite was Jon (what IS it with me and guys named John???!!) who ironically; turns out; is gay (and so it goes...). Millions of girls willing to give it up for this guy and all he wants is the dick, go fig. Not the first time I had a crush on a gay guy, probably wasn't my last either.

My youngest sister in law and I have always had an amazing friendship and bond. We've always gotten on well, I think in part because from the get go when we first met (she was 5 and I was 17) I never once treated her like she was a kid or someone I was "saddled" with "having" to be nice to. Mar and I just "clicked" from the get go. Despite the age difference, we've always been very close. I'm very proud of her and love her very much.

2 years ago NKOTB reunited, one of our things in common that we shared (admittedly while she knows WHO Duran Duran are, and possibly a couple of their songs....she's too young to have been caught up in them), and on their reunion tour they decided to come here to my hometown. Mary phoned me up asking me if I wanted to go see them with her. I said yes, and we went. The concert was a blast. To experience that together was awesome, I had a great time. We also had one of her older sisters with us as well who had a great time too.

Then again, just recently the same sister in laws, 2 years later (plus one who couldn't come last time we went to the other concert). Only this time it was in Toronto and with the Backstreet Boys. We had a great bonding trip I think. The concert was fun, and was kind of exciting as the one sister who hadn't attended with us had never been to a concert ever. They really put on a great show and busted their asses to make sure everyone else enjoyed themselves as much as they did. I wasn't as psyched for this show as I had been for the first one, but glad I went none the less.

A friend of mine commented that I was anticipating ANOTHER concert that I'm hoping to attend later this year with her and said "Well I know what concert you're REALLY going to be excited for...just wait.". And she's right, I can't even THINK about that experience yet. I've waited almost 30 years for that moment, and I am anxiously anticipating it. I've tried to imagine how I'll react and behave when I finally see "them" but I don't know for sure that I can truly fathom that. Only a guess.

I loved experiencing NKOTBSB (baby) with my sisters. It was awesome. They're coming here in August to complete their tour (we somehow managed to score the LAST stop on the tour, not sure how my city managed THAT one). Would I go again? Maybe. I don't know...I think if I DID go though I would want to go just Mary and I. We'll see.

One Last Glimpse,


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