Monday, 4 July 2011

Are you completely mental?

I think it's easy for people to pass judgement sometimes on famous people. I mean yes, okay, sometimes they're easy marks, cannon fodder and an opportunity is just too easy to resist, but sometimes its just not called for.I'm sure there ARE times where the rich and famous can throw money at a problem and voila - problem solved. But sometimes, it's just not that easy. Sometimes not only does money not buy happiness, it can't fix everything or anything when you most wish it could.

I avoid reading the Facebook Duran Duran wall now. Whenever I can really, because it truly sickens me and disgusts me how rude people can be. There are "fans" out there who would rather see Simon run the risk of harming his voice further or permanently simply because they've spent money. I'm sorry but if you built a trip going to a completely different country based only on the health of 1 man without putting in place insurance, then I have zero sympathies.

I just don't understand the logic ya know? I mean seriously you'd rather he cause further harm? This is how the man makes his livelihood, and has done for 30 years now. It is his soul. It is such a huge part of who he is. And for those "fans" that feel it would be okay for him to take that risk...just really need to go away and never have the audacity to refer to themselves as "Duranies" ever again. Okay, so that sounds a little...over protective soccer Mom-ish. And maybe it is, but I mean seriously, come on now. I think we're lucky he's NOT the kind of person to press his luck and run the risk of further damage. At least he knows enough to say screw you, and cancel when he needs to. Okay, not in those words "screw you" although he easily could, and I could see him saying that too. Simon is very vocal - in all manifestations, it's part of who he is, and I wouldn't blame him if he did.

And while I'm discussing members here, let me make something crystal clear. I don't hate ANY member of Duran past or current. There are members who have...burned bridges and exited Duran less than gracefully. Members who have been given countless chances but have decided to shit them, and their talent away. I don't hate Andy Taylor. There I've said it. He had his place within the legacy that is Duran Duran. He was a crucial, pivotal member in the band's history. Does he have talent? Yes, obviously. But the fact remains he comes off as unapologetic, drugged out, negative, alcoholic. It certainly seems as if he has no remorse or apology for any issues that have befallen the band in the bast that he is responsible for. If he is apologetic, he certainly doesn't seem that way. Unfortunately all that remains of Andy Taylor is seemingly that he is more of a punchline of a joke than anything else. And that's unfortunate.

And then there's Warren Cuccurullo. Whom I don't like. I never did. Yes, okay, Warren too was a pivotal member, and he can play. But the arrogance, is just too much. What IS it with guitarists all thinking that they're God's gift and being complete nut jobs?? Seriously, step off and let the bass God through. THEN we can compare dick sizes.

The "newest" member of Duran Duran - Dom Brown seems to be a stable, and dare I even say "normal" guitarist. It's my understanding he has no problem playing Warren's guitar licks which reportedly (according to Warren and a few other interviews I've read with other people) Andy had issues with upon his reunion with the band in 2004. Mind you I'm not sure that Andy's issues playing the guitar at that point didn't have more to do with the bottle. Various stories and interviews would point towards the latter than the former. But truthfully it's all hearsay and conjecture.

They've seemingly all had issues (who hasn't?) in the past. Drugs, alcohol, car wrecks, near death boating experiences, divorce, miscarriages, voice muscle issues - whatever does it really matter? Not in the long run. It's part of life. You either learn from the issues/mistakes and move on or you become stagnant and get left behind. Be a functioning part of society, with us or against us, but by the Gods make a choice or get the hell out of the way.

This is OUR Planet Earth.He's OUR Simon. He's OUR Charlie. And he'll sing when he's good God Duranned ready to and not a moment before. Get over it.

One Last Glimpse,


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