Monday, 4 July 2011

You built a time machine....out of a DeLorean???

This next blog has nothing to do with 80's movies, nor does it have anything to do with Michael J. Fox, or the DeLorean. I just liked the idea of the title.

I'm currently (as I scribe this into my book to later transpose to the internet) sitting at work basking in the sun that is streaming in the window as it does at this time of night.

I am perched in my chair while customers come and go. I'm listening to the dulcet tones of one Simon John Charles LeBon trying to convince me about how lovely it would be to escape the dread and drear of everyday and go to Mediterranea. He believes, they believe, I believe. It's win/win!

Does it sadden you to know I pre-write my blogs? It shouldn't. They're still meant with the same amount of love, fun and sarcasm as always. Besides it keeps me from filming a remake of "Union of the Snake" while I'm here at work. Idle hands devil's playground sort of thing. Although the video remake sounds like a LAUGH.

Oh and don't ask me what my fixation about the idea of a remake of the Union of the Snake video is. I have no clue. Especially since there's no fucking jet pack in that video (it's in Wild Boys I believe). And yet I'm always saying Union has a jet pack. Maybe that's what it's missing. Who knows. Jet packs for all I say!!

On a tangent...What is it with men wearing black knee socks with shorts and sandals??? I know that's a random thing, but's just WRONG! Don't do it. Please. Be kind. Think of the children.

I'm off work a sizable portion of this coming week. Which is so nice since it's nice weather, and I'd like to play my bass some, as well as spend time with family and friends. Love that.

I enjoy this time of year. It's my favourite. Spring and fall are pretty, I don't MIND winter as long unless it goes on twice as long as it needs to. Then it just becomes annoying.

I have no clue what the concept of this particular blog was about. Just mad ramblings I guess. But you know sometimes it's good to get off the beaten path.

Roads...where we're going we don't need...roads. (Just an FYI - In my book here I've written "Roads" as "Rhodes"....Go fig.)

One Last Glimpse,


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