Monday, 4 July 2011

The Boob Squish...

So I had my very first mammogram a week or so ago. For those of you who don't know, my Mom passed away from cancer, which to be honest is one of my biggest fears. I watched my Mom struggle, and eventually die very slowly and very painfully, and there wasn't in the end anything I could do to help her. I held her hand, I told her that I loved her. And was there with the rest of my family the morning she drew her last breaths.

I thought from that moment I would be addled with anxiety when it was my turn for my mammogram. And when my doctor first mentioned it and we discussed it a couple months ago, I said to her I was anxious about it. To which she was completely sympathetic and understood completely.

I have to admit I really wasn't anxious at all the day of, like I thought I would be. I was actually surprisingly calm. I think my friend Rachel was more nervous for me than I was. I had a vision of being a slobbering bawling basket case and I wasn't.

There's an urban myth out there that a mammogram is the worst pain ever. And maybe if you have tiny boobs it's true. But speaking as a very. VERY. VERY blessed woman, other than the little gymnast poses they have you do (I hope I nailed my dismount but the russian judge gave me dirty looks so I'm not sure) it's really NOT that bad.

It wasn't because (btw) the doctor found something that I went in for. She felt with my family history it would be better to get in there early (I AM 40 and all). Preventative measures and caution are always a good thing.

My suggestion to you dear reader is have yourself checked. Whatever that might be, or how much you might dread it. Having it checked and having it done (it ONLY takes like 20 minutes in and out) is better than dead.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. And THIS is why I kept telling Alan I was scared I'd give away the whole surprise party without saying a word. I insisted that you'd know so this is why I did not look you in the eye if we were talking before your party LOL You KNEW how I felt that day, you asshole LOL

  2. ROTFLLMFAO!!!!!!!!!! I DID know. But SURPRISINGLY I knew NOTHING about the party. I was 100% COMPLETELY oblivious. You managed to squeak that one past me. But like I told Alan after the fact, I wanted a surprise party soooo badly. LMAO