Sunday, 10 July 2011

Gallimere Kids

So okay, this weekend had it's ups and downs. Mostly the ups outweighed the downs, which has been great. We arrived (my sister and I) Friday night (late) to my Dad's place. Our long time friends Leslie and Dede arrived next door before us and we were eager to see them.

Kristen and I have known Leslie and Dede (Denise) (also sisters) since we were kids and in the last few years we have attempted to make a concerted effort to make it a yearly thing to get together. We all have difficult lives or distances to travel so it makes it hard. But the last 2 years we've made it more of a priority to get together. This weekend in fact we made a pact that we'd officially do this once a year, even though I think we all had already assumed we'd get together next summer.

My issues this weekend aren't "major". No one got killed or anything, however there have been ongoing issues at my Father's house (these issues have been going on for years now, so it's nothing new).

I am not a big drinker due to my father's side of the family having alcohol issues while I was growing up. I have many memories during my younger years (7-14) that just need not have occurred, however alcohol was involved and played a significant factor in many events that I have bared witness to in my life and as such I decided many years ago that was not going to be me. That's not to say that I've never been drunk - I have and if I were to profess otherwise, there are a few who would call bullshit and quite possibly produce photographic evidence to the contrary. HOWEVER I have never been an alcoholic.

My father has been involved with someone for about 14 years now who sadly is an alcoholic. I have a huge issue with this person when they've been drinking as the behavior becomes completely inappropriate. Things have been said and done that just...are not cool. Period.

Saturday when we went to town, we stopped at the liquor store. I purchased 4 small individual sized bottles of champagne for myself (they only fill one wine glass each). Not that I intended to drink all four, however I bought them none the less.

Dinner came closer and I enjoyed one with some great conversation and laughs with our friends as well as their mother, our father and my father's partner. I had put my drinks in the fridge so they could be nice and cold (for my enjoyment). I had a second (at some point) before we all sat after dinner to play some "Liar's Dice" ( a common after dinner game played at my Dad's). In the middle of the game, I noticed my Dad's partner get up at one point and go to the kitchen, open the fridge, grab one of my small bottles, close the fridge, and then I heard the bottle open. I sat there completely gobsmacked and like 2 or 3 minutes later he came back to the table, no bottle or glass in hand. Which means, in 2 or 3 minutes he downed an entire cooler sized bottle of champagne. I went out there later, no bottle (ANYWHERE) which means he hid it so that I wouldn't notice it sitting on the counter with the recycling. I have NO clue where he put it or what he had done with it. He never asked me (nor anyone else) "Can I have"...had he I would have said yes. If I had done something like THAT he would have pitched a fit. It's not like it's an expensive bottle or anything but the whole idea. It was sneaky and rude. We went to bed at about 2, and when I got up this morning at 10am, the final and 4th bottle was sitting (empty) on the counter. I knew who had drank it. And it wasn't me.

On the upside of things we had a great visit. It's been different this time because for the first time in a long time the only "outside interference" has been my Dad's partner. It almost like it was just Dad, Kristen and I - Nancy, Leslie and Dede which it hasn't been in so long, it's been great. Dad's partner hasn't been around THAT much so it's almost been like old times. And that was wonderful. Aside from a few hiccups it was great.

I've missed my husband dearly, I've missed my kids (although I'll never repeat that) and my cats (and of COURSE Rio!!) But over all, I had fun. I was looking forward to coming home, and glad now that I'm here and that I went to my Dad's this weekend. I'll miss my friends until next year, but on the other side of the coin...there IS always next year.

One Last Glimpse,


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  1. I am biting my tongue. VERY happy you had a great weekend