Thursday, 14 July 2011

View to A Kill

So it's my understanding 26 years ago today Bob Geldof put together some sort of trans-continental show of some sort...I dunno never heard of it... KIDDING! Today (July 13th) is the 26th anniversary of "Live Aid". For those of you living under a rock or perhaps never heard of such a beast it was one of the last times (pre-9/11) that I can think of where the world was actually quasi united under one banner. It was a concert full of amazing moments, and not so great ones. I was at my Dad's and what's FUNNY about is to be honest, for whatever reason I don't recall there being any major fan fair or media blitz regarding it. It's like I woke up one Saturday afternoon and randomly it HAPPENED to be on my television.

I remember we (for whatever reason) were watching it at my friend Jim's house (out at my Dad's). I don't know WHY we didn't watch it at my Dad's place. (My Dad's house was one of those places where everyone would gather to watch movies/tv, although NOT to hang out or party). So I'm really not entirely certain as to why we didn't watch it there, I just know...we didn't. There was about 8 or 10 of us all crowed around the Anderson's television at their cottage, watching the show. They all were eager to see Van Halen, Madonna, Journey etc....I on the other hand...although I liked those performers...only wanted to see ONE performance. You know the one I'm talking about. I don't even have to say it. They; my friends; were less than enthused.

I remember I squealed with delight when they took the stage. Staring and ogling of course. It had been a while since they had been together; they had split into Arcadia and Power Station at that point, and really unbeknownst to most, I think we all thought things were "okay" as that's the front they always maintained. They all seemed to be going well enough (or as well as could be expected - it was obvious NO ONE could hear themselves so pitch was absolutely a problem for EVERYONE) until Simon went to hit that note...and things spiraled out of control. I remember I cringed openly and I BELIEVE I even exclaimed "OH SIMON!!!" or something to that effect. It was not pretty. And like sharks, my non Duranie friends frenzied on that moment to tease me mercilessly (in good fun of course!).

Today ALSO marks the 30th anniversary of the Girls on Film video. Girls on Film was the first Duran song I ever heard (or saw), which is what started me on this path. My affection/obsession with the band. The unending desire to want to play the bass. It's not my all time favourite Duran song, but it's well up there. It IS and THEY are what caused me to want to play the bass after all.

So to you my #Duransistas and my Duranie friends I wish you all a Happy Duranniversary.
To the rest of you, to EVERYONE....I give you the immortal words of one Simon John Charles Le Bon....

Now the time has come,
the music between us
though the night seems young-
is at an end
only change will bring
you out of the darkness
in this moment everything is born again

Reach up for the sunrise
put your hands into the big sky
you can touch the sunrise
feel the new day enter your life

One Last Glimpse


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  1. AND YES...I Know the lyrics I have chosen to put are neither GoF OR ANY of the songs sung at Live Aid. However, I DO feel they have a connection with myself and my #Duransistas. The music IS between us.