Saturday, 30 July 2011


So I frequently dream about people I've met online that I've chatted to, or have gamed with, or even famous people. They say that you can't dream about someone you haven't seen/met before,  which is interesting because I'm SURE I have and I'm not sure I believe that statement... but that's an entirely different matter all together.

A few weeks ago I had a dream that myself, Rachel, Nick and John from Duran Duran were sitting on a patio somewhere (it MAY have been my Dad's house although I'm not entirely certain). We were just sitting around talking, and having some laughs. Rachel had poor Nick to the point of near passing out with hysteria, I was laughing too quite hysterically to the point of waking myself up laughing. Which by the way is a GREAT feeling, if it's never happened to you -- it's a wonderful feeling and way to start your day.

Last night I had a similar dream however this time we were in a restaurant, more like a bistro feel (it's weird I could describe the place right down to the linens and table settings if I needed to). Again it was myself, Nick and John (although I'm uncertain that Rachel was there but I'm pretty sure she was). John I don't recall saying much -- if anything. He just sat there with his Blackberry texting (or tweeting -- who knows with him). Nick and I were hysterical laughing over something -- I have no idea what either. Nick again to the point of tears, and John just smirked and grinned while he kept shaking his head. I think he thought; whatever we were laughing at; that we were both completely nuts.

I enjoy thinking about my dreams that I've had, I always have. I used to (and probably still do -- somewhere) have a book about analyzing dreams. I used to get it out every morning when I would wake up and look up the generalities of my latest dream and what (possibly) it could mean. I found it fascinating and still do.

Back in the spring the guys from Duran began posting on youtube their dreams. This was one of John's and I think it about sums up what I've been trying to say.  LOL

One last Glimpse...


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