Friday, 15 July 2011

Gail Frances Foster Esselment

Today while I was on Twitter @JulieAnneRhodes mentioned her Mom (@JulieAnneRhodes is the ex wife of Duran's keyboardist Nick Rhodes). I tweeted her in return and said: @JulieAnneRhodes Lucky you for your "Mom time". My Mother passed away 15 years ago, I envy those who have "Mom time". Hope yours was great! xx. She replied: @cheriqui Yeah, one of those times when Mom is the only person you want around. Grateful she is around.

My Mom was a great person. She had that "Mommy smell" - that only she could smell like. A mixture of ALL laundry detergent, Caress bar soap and baby powder. Occasionally, but rarely perfume was added to the mix but she was mostly allergic so it was few and far between. If I concentrate really hard, I can conjure that smell to my memory.

My Mom raised my sister and I mostly on her own. My Dad had visitation with us and was in the picture. But Mom was the disciplinarian. Mom was there to fix what went wrong, when things went wrong. Mom was the one who kissed the boo boo's and made the closet monster go away.

I wasn't the best kid. I didn't always keep my room clean, or get great grades. I was grounded a LOT during high school. However my Mom frequently would recant her grounding saying to me "You're going to do what you want anyway Kendra...". Apparently I was headstrong as a child. My husband would say I haven't changed - cheeky bugger.

My Mom was an amazing person. I'm not saying she was perfect, she wasn't...but she WAS awesome. All my friends LOVED my Mom. She could be tough though. But I think everyone ALWAYS loves the friends parents. They always see the "cool" side of them that we as their kids don't.

Mom had this kind of laugh that even in a crowded room, restaurant or bar you could identify as hers over the din. I loved that about her and miss it very much. Sometimes if I'm lucky, I'll hear her laugh in my own. I love moments like those. It makes me feel close to her.

The fact that my Mom passed when my children were so young, and before my sister got married makes me sad. But the fact that she knew her grandchildren and they her is a grace. She also knew (and loved) my sister's husband as well, so that's good.

I miss my Mom everyday and always will. Treat your Mother like a gift and treasure. There will never be another person like them in your life and when they're gone, they will leave a void like no other.

One Last Glimpse,


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