Monday, 1 August 2011

I wanna be sedated...

I've known for months that our concert date would be sometime in September/October. They announced that in the spring; and even after Simon's vocal problems that have surfaced; they still maintained it would be September/October for US/Canada dates. Well...rumors started swirling yesterday (Friday/Saturday really) due to John's tweets that new tour dates were about to be announced "soon". SO soon in fact that yesterday from another source THEY were tweeting that they'd heard it would be "VERY VERY soon". Then last night.....My friend Rachel and another #Duransista Andi txted and msged that they'd gotten an email FROM the Duran website that it would be TUESDAY MORNING. I LITERALLY freaked out.

We sat and had a laugh last night on Facebook talking about the tour, the guys, etc. Just basically being funny, horny 15 yr olds trapped in 40somethings bodies. It was funny how we were all instantly transported back to that age full of fan girl squeals and screams. It amazes me how these 4 gentlemen still have that affect on us. WHY do they have this affect? I guess that's what I want to know. I mean YES they're attractive, YES they seem to be chock full of humour, cheek and sass (some more than others *cough*), and YES they're incredibly talented. But there's got to be something more to it than that. Why you may ask yourself?? I don't know WHY...There just does.

Twitter was going wild with messages between Duran fans (both the #sistas and others alike) wanting to know what was going on, and excitement. It was actually quite fun to watch it all unfold. And I suspect tomorrow morning will be the same. At 8am tomorrow morning date announcements will start, and I look forward to it. I'm eager to find out WHEN. I think that's the part that's killing me...WHEN. I'm not worried about getting time off, my boss has already (thankfully) told me it's a given...I just need to let her know when.

To be honest, if you had asked me in 1982 if I would still be AS psyched to see these guys at 40 as I actually am...I PROBABLY would have said "yes". Although truthfully it could have all come to a screaming halt MULTIPLE times in the band's career, I still probably would have said "yes". Mind you I probably would have ALSO told you that Andy would NEVER leave Duran, and that John and I would be married and have 2 kids - Nicholas and Natalie, and have a golden retriever named Prometheus...But that's besides the point. I think, in the worked out well for everyone.

Someone tweeted yesterday (that I retweeted to John) That " who doesn't know you exist, but who has a huge influence on your life." And for me to him that is so very, very true. His music...their music...has just blown me away. Someone said recently also "you should never meet your idol as it will dissolve that illusion that they're perfect". I know that John and Duran are not perfect, although it pains me to say that, and I suspect Simon may just argue with that statement (jokingly of course) I know it's true.

At one point last night I became quite emotional and seriously began to cry. At which point I thought to myself WTF are you crying for??? WTF indeed. I guess it struck me all of a sudden that after 28 years, missed chances to see multiple tours, that all of this...was coming down to the wire. I'm going to be standing in the same room AS my idol, as my favourite band WITH the ONE person who I cannot imagine not being there.. one of my best friends... And for those 2+ hours.....NOTHING else is going to matter. And I guess it was a little overwhelming. It is finally going to come to that precipice where we have to leap and see where we land. It's kind of like I'm on a roller coaster and we're slowly and agonizingly click, click, clicking our way to the top but I can't see how far the big drop is on the other side but I KNOW it's going to be one hell of a ride.

One Last Glimpse,


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