Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dream Analysis

I have very vivid dreams. We're talking full on, submersible, technocolour dreams. To the extreme. It's my understanding dreaming in colour is rare. For me (assuming the previous statement is true) it's common place.

I've seen, touched (and been touched) and even smelled in my dreams. Smell for me seems to be the rare one. I've read signs and books (which the comprehension of what you're reading is supposed to be ANOTHER rarity -- is my understanding -- I have no idea why). I don't think I've tasted, but I could be wrong. I usually remember in very great detail. Decor, clothing, people, places, colours, textures, etc

They say you can't dream about someone you've never seen before. Which really, I find fascinating. The average person's imagination is vast - but your imagination can't subconsciously make up and create someone you've never seen before? That makes no sense to me.

I've had dreams about people I know, and people I know of (ie. famous people) and a lot of times I'll even incorporate dreams of famous people with friends and or family.

Most recently (last night) was a dream I had with Julie Anne Rhodes and Janice Dickinson. If you don't know who either of these people are....go look them up... I'll wait... right here........

All caught up? Good! Now we may continue!

The dream involved a lot of confusion. We (Myself, Rachel, our friend Natalie) were invited to a fashion show by Julie Anne, to which we were late in arriving at (I don't know why it was Julie Anne's fault we were late but it was). We arrived at the building where this fashion show was to be at but as we wandered around the building (which seemed to be never ending) the more we thought we were going in the right direction the more lost we seemingly became. Julie Anne was beside herself because we were going to be late. We came around the corner and ran into Janice. She was just standing there waiting for us, and lead us to where this show was being held. In the end, we weren't even late. It was weird.

The night before was a dream with both Simon and Nick - separately but at the same location. I have always had dreams about Duran in one form or another for a few years now. Lately (in the last year) we're always in the same place or at least start off in the same place. I have no idea WHY they do...they just do. And I've never dreamed of them as a group either. I've had dreams where it's been Nick and John together but that's it. AND what's more interesting is while I've dreamed they've sat beside each other, I don't remember them talking to each other while I've spoken to both of them.

Maybe...if I go all "John" and analyze these dreams, I could just say just the Taylorian and the Rhodesian aspects of myself....because it's not really Nick and John in my dreams but those sides of my personality that I envision that are Taylorian and Rhodesian in nature. So Nick and John aren't even actually in my dreams at all.....


One Last Glimpse,

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