Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ticket, ticket who's got a ticket! - Duran Duran Appreciation Day

This portion of the blog was written yesterday while at work:

Tomorrow is pre-sale day. I can feel the same emotions I felt announcement day starting to bubble to the surface...Fear, excitement, anticipation. These of course are all feelings I've felt before. But the knowledge that THIS time I'm actually going to get to see them is beyond words.

There's been (In my opinion) a bit of "cloak and dagger" (as Rachel so aptly put it) mystery swirling around this tour lately. The announcements and the style they were done and released in, the not so veiled promise of how 'special' the North American tour is going to be and how all the shows (here and back in the UK/Europe) will be "well worth it". I could get all sarcastic and say "Unless you're going to come sit on my lap and sing...." but knowing them, I wouldn't put it past them!!!

They've been wanting direct fan input as well which I find phenomenal. A lot of other bands wouldn't put out this sort of effort. Quite frankly, it makes me feel extraordinary and honoured to be, and call myself a Duranie.

I have to laugh watching my twitter timeline fly when (especially John) gets on Twitter. While Simon does tweet, he seems to talk to himself/everyone with a broad stroke or brush and answer only a few tweets in reply. Where as John seems hyper-focused on answering questions - as many as he can - when he tweets. They're very different Simon and John - although how boring would it be if they were all carbon copies of each other?

Tomorrow is going to be unbelievably exciting. And I can hardly wait...Until then....Ohhhmmmmm #zenmaster

This morning:

I set my alarm last night for 8:30 and actually slept on my husband's side of the bed because that's where the alarm clock is. Rachel had informed me she was going to be at my house promptly at 9:30am. I already had the coffee order and was out the door by 9:05am. Twitter and Facebook were already abuzz with life and excitement.

I drove (Duranless I might add!!) in my hubby's car to the drive thru, bought my coffee's and came home. Rachel arrived and we sat and chatted.

She was nervous (as was I) but didn't hide her nervousness. My husband (God love him) nattered on and chit chatted away about government, the UK riots, etc to try to keep our minds busy while the time ticked away. At 9:46am, I looked at the clock and took at deep breath. Time was approaching and fast!! What if we didn't get VIP seats? What if they were gone? What didn't matter I reminded myself. I could sit in nose bleeds and still be happy. I just wanted to GO.

At 9:58am Rachel asked me "What time is it?". My response to her was simple "Do you REALLY want to know?" I asked her. Her word..."No". I didn't tell her that we were 2 minutes from one of the most anticipated moments of our friendship.

The clock had BARELY rolled 10am EST when my fingers CALMLY flew across the keys and clicked the mouse. Alan had continued to talk to her so I'm really NOT certain she even knew what I was doing when I was doing it. To be honest, I was SHOCKED how calm I was. I figured my heart would be in my throat and I would be a full on freak out. I didn't and wasn't. Even now I'm STUNNED by just how calm I was.

By 10:02 it was all over. Tickets were purchased (VIP 2nd row center). Rachel STILL hadn't resumed breathing, and I was still calm. My husband remarked that he was surprised we weren't freaking out more - he figured it "would be a full on Girl Panic!" (I LOVE my husband!!!!).

He also said now that the tickets were purchased "could we please grow up and stop acting like 15 year old girls" (JOKING of course!). My response was "You first!" (tee hee!)

Once the tickets were purchased I texted our dear friend @georgiedavis1 out west and told her we had our tickets bought. She sent me a text just as I was leaving to go get some groceries about how pleased she was for us. I began driving and for the first time since I purchased the tickets listened to Duran. I don't even know what song it was and I felt my cheeks grow wet before I even noticed that I was crying. I managed to get to the grocery store parking lot and get the car parked before the full on water works started.

Today is ALSO Duran Duran Appreciation day. I wasn't sure if it was we were supposed to appreciate THEM or they us. Apparently it's reciprocal, which is nice. John has released a song (Other People's Lives - Night Version), and Nick sent a message and sent us all 'flowers'. Which truly are very sweet gestures on their part. But when I think about it... how would I ever tell them what an impact their music has had on my life? How could I ever put that into words? A simple "Thank you" seems no where near enough. But I guess it would have to be.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. Well, I got tears in my eyes again while reading this. "Being there" with you and Rach and your diamond (you understand this reference, right?) of a husband ... I felt like I really was there. MY anticipation was growing! WHAT a day. And this is just the second of three: first, the announcement, then, buying the tickets, and then ...

  2. Yes :) I do understand the reference. :) xx