Friday, 12 August 2011

Set list..

So here I am at 3am and Alan is working nights, and as per usual when he works nights...I can't sleep.

I'm lying here in bed debating on what possible songs could be on the tour set list. Why? I dunno...because that's where my mind went. Actually, I DO know. I watched the documentary portion of the Live in London concert tonight and Nick talked about how they are always arguing about the set list sometimes even 10 minutes to go time.

So I laid here thinking... Well... what set list would make me happy? And truth be told it could be Kumbya and Twinkle, Twinkle and then just a Q and A from the crowd for 2 hours and I'd be okay with that. But lets face facts...that ain't gonna happen. They ARE after all "The band designed to make you party".

There are of course, the "must haves" which I doubt highly that we'd not get. I'm interested to see just how close MY set list is by comparison to what will actually be played.

So here they are, in no particular order. Including WHY I chose them and my personal feelings on them. Assuming of course we have 20 songs (including encores), I have included 4 possible alternates. (BTW does this make me weird? Nevermind....don't answer that!)

1) All you Need is Now - For obvious reasons. Title track, first release -- pretty self explanatory.
2) Rio - Of course, crowd pleaser, great oldie (possibly an emotional moment for me -- I'm really not sure)
3) The Reflex - Again...obvious - DEFINITELY an emotional moment for me
4) Girls on Film - For me...this was the song that started it all.
5) Safe (in the heat of the moment) - This is one of my fave tracks off the new album. It's a great beat and a get off your ass and dance tune.
6) Tiger, Tiger/The Chauffeur - I would LOVE if they did this one as a medley of sorts. Mind you I'd love if they tagged "Drive By" on at the end...but I don't think that will happen. IF they do it it will probably be Tiger, Tiger/The Chauffeur. They've been tied to each other for YEARS now. Once they break into the Chauffeur - I suspect I will be a full on sobbing mess.
7) No no  - Not one of my WOW I LOVE this song fave tracks. But it's okay. And I know the crowd tends to get into it.
8) View - This song PLAGUES me. I've never liked View to a Kill to be honest. Simon has had SUCH troubles with it in the past, and while I would LOVE for him to just nail it and win me over....I'm not sold on the song, quite frankly I'd rather they leave it out for something else (as well as No No).
9) Hungry - I struggled with this. Could they leave Hungry out? It's again one of those songs like Rio or Reflex where you're like -- hmm will they riot if we DON'T sing it?
10) Sunrise - One of my favourites. There's just something about it's positivity that makes you feel great after listening to it. I love it.
11) Girl Panic! - Considering that this fall is when the GP video comes out, I'd be surprised if they DON'T play this one. Which is fine by me! Wonder if they'll show the video as part of the screens they have going on? Hrmm interesting.
12) Blame the Machines - I don't know if this will be another track they play off the new album or not. I THOUGHT I had read that they had practiced it but I could be wrong. (I'd rather hear Runway or Before myself but hey....)
13) Shadows - Since Lord Tweetleaks already SAID they were playing this's a gimme (watch them not play it now! HAHAHA!)
14) Friends - Rog seemed agog and aghast how bat-shit folks went for this one on the mini-spring tour. I think they'll leave it in. Love it myself.
15) Save - John said SaP was "on the shelf" (I think his words were) when they did the tour in the spring. Did they pull it back off and give it a dust off or leave it there? Only time will tell.
16) O-World - Originally I had another track written but I think that this one (or Come Undone) is just one of those tracks -- again fine with me...I love it.
17) Late Bar - Personally I LOVE this song. I've HEARD tell from somewhere (I don't remember where) that Simon doesn't like this song. Although I don't know if that's true or not.
18) Leopard - It's one of those songs that has seemingly grabbed people. I like this song, and while I prefer Before the Rain MORE....I think they'd sing Leopard before they'd sing Before.
19) OPL - Why put out a "Night Version" if you're not going to put it into the show?
20) Election Day / Power Station - This one I REALLY struggled with. I know they HAVE played it in other shows in the past. But I don't know if they would or not. I'd really like to see them do it, but if they don't...that's okay too. ANY of my alts would be great! (Tee hee!)

21) Careless - GREAT way to wind up the crowd I think. I've always loved this song.
22) Hold back the Rain - Another truly rocking song. Love it
23) Something I should know - Wouldn't it be cool if they played this and made mention of the video documentary? Just sayin...
24) Wild Boys - Now...I'm not a Wild Boys fan. The video is cool and whatever, but I just... I don't like it. Never really have. BUT I know it was hugely popular for them.

There are about 4 or 5 other songs that I was like -- well what about! or OMG THIS would kick ass (Night boat, Come up and see me, RCM, Falling down, The Valley... -- Something Dom said on FB/Twitter the other day intrigued me. He said they'd had a great rehearsal and he got to play some oldies he'd NEVER played before...So maybe they ARE doing Night Boat or Come Up and see me? I guess you'd have to go through ever youtube concert footage out there to see what he's played live with them and what he hasn't...and quite frankly...I ain't got that much time on my hands! LOL). I could go on for days about what songs they might sing...But I guess we'll have to see. It'll have to end and they'll have to leave the stage at some point right? OMG did I just say that???!!! Anyway, those are my guesses. I guess we'll see where it all ends up at the show. I just thought it would be interesting to see how far off I was from what they come up with. ;)

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  1. At work today -- after speaking to @georgiedavis1 I REALIZED I hadn't included ANYWHERE in here Planet Earth!!!!! I guess I'd have to stick that in there somewhere too....